Posted On May 3, 2007

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  • I was reading this friends blog this morning and I am grateful that Daniel seems to be a healthy, happy and well baby. It might not have been this way. We agreed that foregoing certain foods etc is worth it for a healthy baby when one is preggy. What really scared me with Daniel is that I didnt know I was preggy for the 1st 3 months. The week before I found out I was preggy I went to a wedding and reception party of some very special friends. There I drank wine and spirits. I am so thankful that he seems to be ok.
  • I am grateful that Muzz was able to bring my spare key over yesterday when I accidently left my keys inside when my keen boy wanted to go on our outing
  • to all my friends and bloggie friends who cared when I hurt my big toe
  • to Muzz who looked after the boys on Saturday so I could go on the training course
  • My spare washing machine that was able to spin a load of washing when my usual machine wouldnt
  • My pressie from my cousin in the UKtt.jpg

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  1. Alice Teh

    It’s always warm and fuzzy when I read your blog, Jen… 🙂 Bless Muzz and everyone at home!

  2. denise

    I love your thankful list my friend.

  3. eph2810

    Thank you for sharing your thankfulness with us this week. Glad everything turned out well for Daniel 🙂 – I hope your big toe is much better today.

    Blessings to your weekend and always.

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