Psalm 17

Posted On May 6, 2007

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Psalm 17:1-15


(A prayer by David.)
The Prayer of an Innocent Person
1I am innocent, LORD!


Won’t you listen as I pray


and beg for help?


I am honest!


Please hear my prayer.


2Only you can say


that I am innocent,


because only your eyes


can see the truth.


3You know my heart,


and even during the night


you have tested me


and found me innocent.


I have made up my mind


never to tell a lie.


4I don’t do like others.


I obey your teachings


and am not cruel.


5I have followed you,


without ever stumbling.


6I pray to you, God,


because you will help me.


Listen and answer my prayer!


7Show your wonderful love.


Your mighty arm protects those


who run to you


for safety


from their enemies.


8Protect me as you would


your very own eyes;


hide me in the shadow


of your wings.


9Don’t let my brutal enemies


attack from all sides


and kill me.


10They refuse to show mercy,


and they keep bragging.


11They have caught up with me!


My enemies are everywhere,


eagerly hoping to smear me


in the dirt.


12They are like hungry lions


hunting for food,


or like young lions


hiding in ambush.


13Do something, LORD!


Attack and defeat them.


Take your sword and save me


from those evil people.


14Use your powerful arm


and rescue me


from the hands of mere humans


whose world won’t last. [a] You provide food


for those you love.


Their children have plenty,


and their grandchildren


will have more than enough.


15I am innocent, LORD,


and I will see your face!


When I awake, all I want


is to see you as you are.

In this Psalm David pleas to God as Judge when he is being attacked by enemies.

Verse 2

God sees all He knows everything. He sees those who follow Him and those whom are lost. Verse 3 and 4 those that try to do right

We are reminded of God’s great strength He delivers us from weaknesses, helplessness and our imperfectness. When we turn to Him He will renew our trust in Him when He brings us out of that place.

Verse 7

is a great prayer and comfort! Seek protection from God when ever you feel like you are being attacked and your prayer with be answered and you shall be comforted. He always shows his unfailing love to us. In so many wonderful ways.

Verse 8
We are protected as much as God’s own eyes. Recently I had very dry skin on my eyelid I was worried as you only get one set of eyes. I was worried about infections. In this Psalm it says we are protected!! And it also says we are hidden in the shadow of His wings. This reminds me of a large eagle wrapping us within his wings, hiding us from the enemy. Amazing!!! We are loved so much!!! He treasures us!

David knows that if he follows God’s word it will keep him on the right paths and away from the paths of Satan, which lead to destruction.

By faithful prayer each day we will receive fresh provisions of grace and strength from our Lord


7 Responses to “Psalm 17”

  1. denise

    Very beautiful.

  2. Diane J.

    Lovely choice of scriptures, Jen.

    Thank you so much for your prayers for Jessica and Emmy. I really appreciate it, my friend.

    Love and hugs,


  3. Darlene (CWO)

    Thanks, Jen, that was a beautiful Psalm.

  4. jenz

    thanks Denise and Darlene
    your very welcome Diane

  5. Barbara H.

    I am so glad for His care and protection and deliverance!

  6. Gretchen Hanna

    Thanks for the scripture, Love.

  7. Val

    Jen, what you do here at your blog is AMAZING. 🙂

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