I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be – Bible Study Part 5

Posted On May 10, 2007

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Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever found yourself ‘in faith’ yet bewildered or demoralized?

Lots of times.

I often reflect back on my journey and think “I thought I was a Christian then???” only to reflect on things I did, ways I lived and I begin to wonder whether I really was or not. However, its a journey isnt it? I suppose one grows and matures along the way and looks back at what was and thinks this way??? I dont know???

I also believe bad things can still happen to Christians. Being a Christian doesnt mean we will never suffer hard times. Yet in those hard times we have the hope that keeps us strong. The faith that even through it all we have Him and He will bring us through.

2. Do you consider yourself content? Would you describe it as Decidedly Content or Dreamily Content?

I am content. Last year I decided to turn to Him more than ever before. I am now content right where He has placed me. He has a plan for my life and I trust Him to steer me in the right directions in the coming years of my life

3. If you are not content, are there circumstances that keep you from this feeling?

Whenever I am down and am struggling I remember what happened last year and turn back to Him. Trusting Him to see me through it. By the way in case you dont know last year God reminded me of a special song and asked me to mediate on it and remember His great promises of protection.

4. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you looked back on a period of your Christian walk and believed a great opportunity passed you by?

As I said in question 1 I think I could have grown more and been in better places had I trusted and lived better over the years. However hindsight is a wonderful thing isnt it.

5. Do you ever believe your faith was stronger in an earlier time in your Christianity and find yourself floundering now?

No quite the opposite actually!!!

6. Can you recognize that this season may be one of great preparation instead of a period of “I Was”?

Correct me if Im wrong. I feel as though I may have just got it. I may just had a lightbulb moment LOL. So this reflection is normal. Its normal to see how I am more Christian than I use to be. If I have this right I suppose its natural – when we were young we feed on milk now we are more mature and growing we can feed on more substaical food. So when I look back I shouldnt belittle myself I should look at it as a preparation for where I am now and where Im heading. If I have this right then thats AWESOME!!!


12 Responses to “I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be – Bible Study Part 5”

  1. denise

    Sweet blessings to you my friend, as you do this study.

  2. Amber

    Finally, a meme that has some meaning. What a great, reflective post!

  3. mindymc5

    Hi. I think that it is right – I think that if we are growing spiritually we will always find ourselves thinking “And we thought we were living the Christian life then”.
    I just read in Mark yesterday where Jesus was talking to the disciples and explaining his parables. And it said that when he spoke to the crowds that he only gave them as much as they could understand but that He explained everything to His disciples. (Mark 4:33-34).
    I really believe that is why we can read the bible over and over and over and read the same verses again and again and learn something new everytime…..The Great I AM allows us to understand what we are able at the time to understand and then when we grow some more — we can learn more………. Isn’t that awesome?

  4. Gretchen Hanna

    You’re right, bad things do happen to Christians. Sometimes I think they’re allowed to happen so that we will get on our knees more and look up more. I don’t think God would harm us, but I do think he’d allow for an abundance of hurt if it was to prune us or do good works in us. In effect, just as a parent allows natural consequences or spanks a bottom, our God is indeed our Father and loves us enough to both allow the pain and be right there to wipe away our tears.I’m amazed at the good He can do in this fallen world. Blessings to you. Great TT post, too.

  5. Nise'

    I love it that while you were answering the questions you had a “light blub” moment. God is just amazing. Thanks for sharing you answers!

  6. Scott

    “Bad things can still happen to Christians.”

    I think if you have your eyes and hearts open, you’ll know this to be true. Some time ago I read this and have kept it close to my heart: Christ does not come to end our suffering, but to fill it with his presence.

    That sounds right to me. And hopeful.

  7. jenz

    thanks friends

  8. Leticia

    I look back even just a few months ago and I am amazed on how much the Lord is teaching me and how much I am growing spiritually.

    I love this post Jen, and about that lightbulb, that’s about right.

  9. Connie Barris

    You are right… the good… the bad…. we learn joy and sadness…

    but it is there in the sadness that we learn joy… I guess it is there we can appreciate the good… if the weather was always spring or summer, I’d never appreciate it except for the fact when winters come…

    Thank you for sharing… I am so enjoying the class…


  10. thepreacherswife

    “So when I look back I shouldnt belittle myself I should look at it as a preparation for where I am now and where Im heading. If I have this right then thats AWESOME!!!”

    You ARE awesome Jen! We should never begrudge from where we have come…The milk times are sweet and sentimental to me…I loved the freshness of my walk with the Lord when I was first born again..but I don’t long to be back there and I know He continues to give me experiences and trials to gently bring me to new places with Him.

    I just love your thoughts and how transparent you are..what a sweet friend you have become to us all! 🙂

  11. jenz

    its an awesome study

    thanks thepreacherswife you are special too 🙂

  12. Miriam Pauline

    Isn’t it awesome that we don’t need to belittle the times that are preparing us? Thank you for sharing! Blessings.

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