God the Greatest Artist Ever

Posted On May 12, 2007

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God is the “painter of landscapes so breathtakingly beautiful they cannot be adequately captured by any artist or photographer” Carol Moxley


photo taken by me last night


8 Responses to “God the Greatest Artist Ever”

  1. denise

    So very beautiful, thanks for sharing. You have been tagged, visit my blog for details.

  2. Alice Teh

    Such a beautiful and breathtaking pic. Thanks for sharing it, Jen!

  3. Barbara H.

    That is gorgeous! I don’t know how anyone can be under such a sky and not believe in God.

  4. Amy

    Very pretty! New Zealand has some of the best sunsets and sun rises ever!

  5. jenz

    shall do on Monday Denise

    thanks everyone Ive believed in the title for years it was affirming to find what Carol had written 🙂

  6. kate5kiwis

    funny, we have friends who are artists, and about sixteen years ago, we heard them saying to their little girl, “Look how God has painted the sky tonight…”
    that same little phrase has been in our vocabulary since then 🙂

  7. jenz

    🙂 thanks for making me smile Kate

  8. Val


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