How Im going to be dealing with my photos from now on

Posted On May 12, 2007

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Today I was blog visiting and came across a great FREE photo album on line. The reason I started this particular blog was because my photo quota was full for my old blog. By using this photo album I wont need to change blogs again. Neat A!!!

Free Photo and Video by

click on the above box to link 


I invite you to go and have a look

There’s only the photos of the family and I at the moment but I will inform you when there are more photos to look at 🙂





5 Responses to “How Im going to be dealing with my photos from now on”

  1. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen, nice to see your new album. Can’t wait to see more too. I like your hairstyle! I use Webshots to house all my photos. Please visit me anytime at Webshots. Have a beautiful weekend and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!! 😀

  2. denise

    Great photos, love them.

  3. eph2810

    Very cool, Jen 🙂 – They have now more places like that where you can share your pictures. Glad that you found one that works for you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. supermom

    Nice to see bigger photos of you gusy. Glad you found a photo place that you like. Why didn’t you use flickr?

  5. jenz

    Alice thanks Ive looked at your photos before they are interesting thanks also for the compliment I like my hairdo too its so easy to look after great for a busy mum

    Thanks Denise, Eph2810 and Suoermom.

    Supermom I had looked at flickr ages ago. Couldnt understand how to work it. It may not be so hard now I seem to be getting more computer literate but I saw photo album and decided to try that one instead and as the meme goes – “It works for me” 🙂

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