Great Excitement Today

Posted On May 14, 2007

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Today just after lunch Daniel and Daddy heard a noise outside out on the road. They quickly went to investigate and what followed was a very interesting learning time. Daniel as you know is all boy and loves trucks, tractors and the such. Right outside our gate was a delivery for our wonderful next door neighbour who is going to do up their house.


8 Responses to “Great Excitement Today”

  1. denise

    Wow, I bet Daniel was really excited.

  2. Jana

    OMW!!!!!! Was Muzz as excited as Daniel? LOL I would have been, I think.

    What was the pink thing on the truck?

  3. Alice Teh

    Your boys are really a fun and inquisitive bunch. LOL.

  4. Amber

    How fun for him! He’d have a blast at our place! The lot next door is a veritable construction zone as they build more houses.

  5. jenz

    they were both fairly interested
    the pink things are pink batts Jana they are put in walls and roofs for insulation they are in bags in the photos.
    Amber they are building houses just down the road from us 🙂

  6. Val

    I would have been enthralled, too. What neat pictures 🙂

  7. jenz

    thanks Val

  8. jennyr

    how cooL! that’s really exciting for a little boy!

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