Tackle it Tuesday – Praying He comes

Posted On May 15, 2007

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For background reading refer to this post.

On Saturday my landlord came and fixed the front deck kinda.porch.jpg

He looked at the other things that were wrong and told me hed be back to fix the other things this week. Ill believe it when I see him. So today for my Tuesday Tackle and preparation for carpet being laid (which was taken out last winter (almost a year ago) due to a flood in his skylight) I took everything out of the hallway except for the chest of draws which I will be able move easily when and if he does come.


11 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – Praying He comes”

  1. denise

    I hope your landlord comes and takes care of everything for you.

  2. Bridget

    Great tackle–hope your landlord comes 🙂

  3. Gretchen Hanna

    Hang in there! I know it’s so hard to have things out of place. It seems to discombobulate the whole day. Blessings to you all.

  4. Jana

    Ugggg… it’s about time your landlord came to help.

    YOU GO GIRL! (about the cleaning!!)

  5. Alice Teh

    I hope all turn out well. You keep well, Jen!

  6. supermom

    I hope he comes back and fixes everything!

  7. Val

    Can’t wait to see when the carpet gets put in. Great job tackling the project! 🙂

  8. jenz

    So do I Denise, Bridget and Supermom I dont really want to take it any further but if he doesnt I will have to go to the aurthoritys

    Its the fact that hes so dam lazy Gretchen and doesnt care two hoots as long as he gets his rent $$

    I hope I can show you real soon Val

    thanks Jana and Alice

  9. Barb

    I’m in a big hurry here, Jen, but I wanted to answer Muzz’s question. Cameron’s two insulins are Lantus in the morning and Humalog throughout the day as needed to bring his blood glucose down. Also, his tester is a Freestyle Flash Meter.

    See? I’m already learning all this stuff. 🙂

  10. jenz

    thanks Barb
    prayiing for you all

  11. jennyr

    great job on ur tackle! i have a lot of stuff to do but i neglect it all just bcoz i am here all day at the pc,lol!

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