Responding to Memes

Posted On May 16, 2007

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Today Im over here at jenz chronicles

answering 2 memes i was sent recently I thought I might do them over there as I do want people to read my other blog as well as this one and I hope you enjoy reading it 🙂


4 Responses to “Responding to Memes”

  1. Denise

    I love both of your blogs sweet friend.

  2. Leticia

    I didn’t even know you had another blog, how on earth do you keep up with two? Wow!

  3. jenz

    thanks Denise

    I dont write much in the other one Leti but when I do I like people to read it and comment so I know 😉

  4. Liza

    A VERY BIG HUG to you and your family. I know all anout IEP’s and I can relate. We’ll keep praying…praying for wisdom and guidance..and stregth …as we help our kids …and as we raise them…

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