My Birthday Day My Birthday Day My Birthday Day My Birthday Day

Posted On May 18, 2007

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Didnt start off to well. Spoke to one of the teachers at Billy’s school. It sucks how Billy is misbehaving and its causing me grief on my special day. Its not fair. After speaking to the teacher went to Muzz’s for the day. Got there and lost it all over Mum (Muzz’s mum) but shes like a real mum to me. I love her. She hugged me.

Muzz rang a special friend of mine from church we had a good chat. Then Muzz and I went out to a brief job and I dropped a form into a new doctor Im going to start going to, he is a GP as well as a dermatologist. Then Muzz took me out to lunch.

This is where we went logo.jpg

I had Fishers Man Basket with salad and chips. I had a gin, lime and lemonade. Then Chocolate Mudcake with chocolate sauce ice cream and cream for desert. As we were finishing our meal the Happy Birthday song came over the loud speaker that had been playing easy to listen to music. I hid my head in my hands as I saw a waitress bringing a cake to our table. Muzz sang Happy Birthday and those around us clapped.

After lunch we stood and watched a digger get onto the back of a truck. Then we went to the library so I could get book out of the library to read to the kids at playgroup on Tuesday.

I got this homemade card and book mark from Billy  from-billy.jpg

Tonight we are expecting friends from church. The man is going to take Billy for a ride tomorrow and spend the day with him. He is going to talk to Billy about his behaviour and why he is acting out.


13 Responses to “My Birthday Day My Birthday Day My Birthday Day My Birthday Day”

  1. Rachel

    I pray all goes well tomorrow. Did you get my happy birthday E-card?

  2. Diane J.

    Happy Birthday!! I sent you an ecard, too. 🙂

    I hope your church friend can get through to Billy.

    Love and hugs,


  3. Alice Teh

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jen dearest! May the good Lord bless you abundantly! You’re my sweet, sweet bloggie buddy. 😀

  4. Jana

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hug* Sorry that you had to deal with extra stress on your special day…. but I’m glad you got a nice lunch and fun cards from Billy!!!!

  5. Barbara H.

    That restaurant looks like fun! Glad the rest of the day went well though it started off on a low note.

  6. Tanya

    Happy, happy birthday to you!

  7. supermom

    Sorry to hear that he is misbehaving like that. Love his card … so sweet

  8. Susanne

    Sorry to hear that you had to have a meeting with the teacher right on your birthday, Jen. I pray his behavior gets all sorted out. The chocolate mudcake sounds heavenly and the part about watching the digger made me laugh. It’s not every mommy who gets to watch a digger being loaded as a special birthday treat! :vD

  9. Toni


  10. Denise

    I am glad you were born.

  11. jenz

    hugs to you all
    all in all I had a WONDERFUL day

  12. Mary

    Wow and Yum. That chocolate mudcake sounds very tempting…mmm! So glad you had a great time with Muzz and that you’ve found another dermatologist to try!

  13. Bridget

    Happy belated birthday to you!!

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