Vintage Items

Posted On May 23, 2007

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Do you have vintage/retro/old items in your house?

Mary’s and in some ways Amy’s blogs inspired me to show you my items


13 Responses to “Vintage Items”

  1. Amy

    I love your ornaments 🙂

  2. Amy

    oh and your tea/coffee set is making me drool *sigh*

  3. jennyr

    wow! cool retro items! i really don’t have any…most of my stuff is from hubby because i came into this country w/ juz a backpack of some of my clothings,hehehe! eventually, i’ve been buying knick knacky stuff but nothing retro though…

  4. Alice Teh

    I really like the tea set too. Very nice!

  5. Mary

    That salt and pepper shaker is so cute! And I’m a sucker for teapots! Your set is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing these snapshots of home!

  6. eph2810

    Very cool things you have in your home…Thank you for sharing.

  7. Denise

    Wow, you have some awesome stuff sweet friend.

  8. Susanne

    Other than myself you mean? :vD

    Love the pitcher.

  9. Val

    I LOVE this idea, Jen!!

  10. Murray Whittington

    What is VAT 69?

  11. Barb

    The only vintage/retro/old items in my house are me and Rob, Jen.


  12. Leticia

    I love your tea set! You have wonderful items.

  13. jenz

    if I ever decide to get rid of it Amy youll be first on my list

    wow! just a backpack and you fell in love how sweet

    Alice, Mary, eph2810, Denise, Val, Leti

    your not vintage/retro/old my friend

    I looked up to see if I could find out how old it was. I stiill dont know. Vat 69 is a whisky

    I wouldnt agree with that Barb.

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