Thankful Thursday

Posted On May 25, 2007

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  • My friend from the church whom took Billy out for the day so Saturday.  I pray that this man may be positive guiding influence upon Billy.
  • All the concern and support I have been given by friends and bloggie friends about Billy and his behaviour.  Thanks everyone it means a lot
  • A wonderful day out with Muzz and Daniel at the fire station
  • Lovely weather where it still feels most days as though we are still having summer.  Also great to get the washing dried fast 🙂
  • My wonderful next door neighbour whom knew about what to do when one blows a fuse in ones house
  • My microwave as the oven still not working (something to do with the blown fuse yesterday).  I was still able to get dinner prepared and on the top asap so we werent rushing around to get to youth band practise last night.  In fact we were able to do the dishes before we went.  Its lovely getting them done straight after dinner and not have dirty dishes staring at you.
  • Playgroup for the fun we have there and the fact that they gave me jars of stewed apple yummmmmmmm
  • Muzz for a wonderful massage that helped me get over a sore arm
  • The way Billy rushed inside and tried to help me when I fell over the kitchen barrier and brused myself badly
  • Being able to spend some qualioty time with a friend at church while the youth band practise was happening
  • God for blessing me abundantly this week.  He is the provider of all things and this week I have so much to be thankful for.  Thank you Jesus

13 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Denise

    Nice list my friend, bless you.

  2. Deena from The Bookshelf

    Hope you didn’t get too banged up when you tumbled…always seems to hurt more as an adult than it ever did as a kid…

  3. Mary

    Glad Billy got to spend some time with your friend. And thankful that you’re not hurt too badly from the fall. Thanks for sharing. Blessings on your weekend.

  4. Leticia

    Isn’t it wonderful that there is always something to be thankful for and look at that marvelous list. That’s wonderful.

  5. Mary

    You always have a great TT list! Glad you’re not hurt and that the men in your life cherish you so highly!

    God bless,


  6. Bridget

    I love your blog!! I placed you in my links section, if that’s alright. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


  7. jennyr

    ooh! a massage…now, that’s what i need,lol!looks like a blessed week for u! i missed out on this meme today…

  8. Amy

    that’s neat about your friend from church taking Billy out 🙂

  9. Alice Teh

    Bless Muzz, Billy, Daniel, your neighbour, everybody. Bless them all! Happy weekend, Jen! 😀

  10. Darlene (CWO)

    I’m sorry that you fell! Ouch. Yes it’s a blessing that Billie was there.

  11. eph2810

    Oh, dear, I hope you are okay from your fall today. I am glad that Billy gave you a hand. Good to know that there might be someone from your church how will help him with his behavior.
    So, do you play in the band? How cool.

    Thank you so much for sharing your thankfulness with us this week.

    Be blessed today and always.

  12. jenz

    Thanks Denise, Leticia, Mary, Darlene, eph2810 and Bridget – Im honoured Bridget

    Happy weekend everyone

    No I dont play in the band Darlene. Billy is sound technician. We also have a drummer, a singer and a guitarist. We are praying that more youth would be able to take part. I take him and stay as they only practise at church for about an hour.

  13. Christine

    Wonderful list, Jen. I’m glad you’re feeling encouraged by your friends about your son. I hope the outing went well today with the guy from church!

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