Im so Excited!!!! B R O A D B A N D

Posted On May 28, 2007

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If you miss me over the next few days its because my dial up has been disconnected.  There may be a day or two dont know when where I may lose the ability to get on line in order for BROADBAND to connected up.  All this time I have been using the so  sluggish,  time consuming and slow dial up.  Muzz is going to get me on to BROADBAND

goodbye dialup




10 Responses to “Im so Excited!!!! B R O A D B A N D”

  1. Murray Whittington

    yep Broadband, I wonder what people at other country’s pay and what they use, Dial up or broadband and speeds etc?

    who is going to fill in this blog….


    the countdown for Jen has started…. to blast off high speed

  2. Amy

    good for you, we’re on broadband too, you’ll definitely notice a difference.

  3. Diane J.

    You’ll really be amazed at the difference, Jen and Muzz.

    I have DSL 1.5M/256K and I paid $24.95 US a month until I got a flat rate package. I now have unlimited DSL internet and local and long distance in the US for $75 US funds.

    Hope you don’t have to wait too long to get back in working order.

    Have a great week, y’all. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  4. devildogwife

    You’ll love the difference!! It makes blogging and surfing much faster and easier.

  5. Murray Whittington

    at present for a plan is 10gb Data Maximum speed down which can range from 8mbit per sec download depends how far away you are from the exchange and also we are currently (here in NZ0 is 24mbit speed when that comes and 128k upload is for 49.95 NZ$ and for 5gb is 2 Mbit down and 128k upload is $39.95 NZ$

  6. jenz

    I know Amy and I cant wait 🙂
    Muzz has it at his house

  7. supermom

    YEAH!!!!! You will love it! I’m so happy fo you

  8. Alice Teh

    I pay RM44 (USD13) per month for 60 hours of 512K broadband use. Before that I was paying RM88 (USD26) for unlimited 1GB use but decided to downgrade. 🙂 Ever since I stopped using dial-up many moons ago and go for broadband, life is such a breeze on the cyber lane. LOL.

  9. jenz

    thanks supermom

  10. Val

    Wooo-hoooo!!! Congrats, Jen!!!

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