Its just a haircut

Posted On May 28, 2007

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Here Billy is telling Muzz about his day at school.  Most people including the teachers liked it.  One teacher said well now your going to get into all sorts of mischeif with that haircut.  I dont agree.  Its just a haircut.  Does having a ring through your nose make you a bad person?  Does have a tattoo make you a bad person?  I dont think so.  I firmly believe that those are just outside decorations.  I believe what makes you get into trouble is what you are like on the inskde.  Your personality.  Whether you have the confidence and belief in yourself to behave properly.  Sure it might attract rascals to you but Billy needs to learn to be himself and say No.  I think its much better that he learns this now than at a big high school where the teachers dont keep such a good eye on you.  The principle even thought it was cool.  Billy has wanted his hair cut like this for a long time.




9 Responses to “Its just a haircut”

  1. Diane J.

    It’s not what’s on the outside that makes a man, but what’s on the inside.

    Besides, it’s not like his hair won’t grow back in a month or so anyway if he doesn’t like it or gets tired of it.

    Billy’s got some gorgeous green eyes, too! My eyes are hazel/green. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  2. Alice Teh

    I don’t see any problem with the hairstyle if Billy likes it. It’s nice to experiment, and while at it, under the watchful eyes of people who care him, like you and his school principal. And you’re right too, Jen. He needs to experience for himself. I don’t it’s fair for the teacher to jump into conclusion that he’ll get himself into mischief with that haircut, even if she meant it as a joke. Anyway, please say “HI” to Billy for me. 🙂

  3. Gretchen Hanna

    It will grow back. In my experience, it’s best to pick one’s battles. Since hair is just hair, and not the measure of a person, it’s best to let it be his. After all, it’s hard when you don’t get to make any decisions about your own life, and letting him have just a bit of control, knowing that you support him, makes him feel confident in his ability to make good decisions.


    P.S. I think it’s cute, too. :J)

  4. jennyr

    oh now i see billy! that’s a cool haircut! btw, i always forget to ask you if u mind exchanging link? i would love to add u in my blog roll…

  5. Bridget

    hey thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Here’s my answers 🙂

    45. Where are your tattoos. One on my right outer ankle of Tinkerbell and one around my left ankle of a barbed wire bracelet.

    50. Why???
    I don’t like brussel sprouts beacuse they look like little cabbages, and I dislike cabbage.

    93. Cool movie – the old version or the new one???I love the old Willy Wonka the best but I like the new one also 🙂

    BTW–cool haircut!! His freckles are ADORABLE!!

  6. kate5kiwis

    yep, love the new ‘do.
    and… i am really jealous of your broadband.
    we are still techno-dinosaurs over here:
    dial-up baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jenz

    thats what ive been telling Muzz Gretchen

    not at all Jenny. I have you bookmarked

    youve all made Billys day with your kind comments

  8. Jana

    Tell Billy his new do rocks!!!!

    I think it’s okay for kids to experiment with new & different dos… as long as they don’t act like trouble, I don’t think i’d like them acting like trouble.

  9. Val

    I like it!! And I just adore Billy’s freckles. They are gorgeous. But don’t tell him I said that!

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