Posted On May 29, 2007

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Muzz came over tonight and hooked it up so Im officially on now.  It was funny.  I was checking my emails and I picked up the telephone and could hear the line for a call in or out.  LOL I just did it again 🙂  This was something I wasnt able to do on dial up


Thanks Muzz luv ya hunny



And it is super-duper fast.  Also faster than I can handle LOL It was amazing getting a picture for this post.  I get most of my pictures from google images and normally have to wait while they appear.  Tonight they were there in an instant


3 Responses to “B R O A D B A N D”

  1. Mary

    I’m very happy for you! I have dial-up, and my service is pretty fast, but not having telephone access while online is getting to be a big negative. I’m thinking of getting call waiting, or pagoo or something.

    Enjoy it!

  2. Amy

    It makes a big difference doesn’t it?

  3. Val

    Oh isn’t it the BEST?!

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