“I AM” Bible Study Lesson Seven

Posted On May 31, 2007

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Discussion Questions:

1. How would you answer the questions, “Who Am I?”

I am a child of God’s. I am His princess. I am one of His chosen ones.

2. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt inadequate because of your lack of a ‘tagline’?

I dont think so. I think God has only called me to do things that He knows I can handle. He after all knows what my abilities and skills are.

3. Do you have skills or position that you believe God could use mightily if only He would?

Maybe? I get along well with preschoolers. Ive always wondered about going to China and looking after orphans. If God wants me to do this one day He will make it very clear to me and open the doors. I can accept that there might be something even more wonderful He has planned for me though

4. Have you ever lost a position or station in life you believe could have ‘helped God out’ with

something He has asked you to do? If you haven’t lost out, do you perhaps feel you have to gain this in order to be useful to the Kingdom?

I have lost the right to be my daughters mother on a day to day basis. He asks us to take care of His children for Him and yet that was taken away from me. It was taken away from me by circumstances she brought about. Yet we have survived as a family. We are in fact some ways more settled with the way things are now. I believe God brings us through things to teach us things. I dont know quite what He was trying to teach me. It has brought me closer to Him. However, all I can do now is pray that He may use to me to be the best mum I can be to the boys and that He gets alongside Sarah and brings her close to Him. Whether she knows it or not she needs Him. We all do.

5. How are you with your dialogue vs. doubt conversations with God? Which does God hear most from you?

I have worked hard over the years to overcome doubts I had about my salvation. I didnt believe God could love me enough. Now I know within my heart soul and mind that He indeed does love me just as I am. I dont doubt anymore instead I am everyday thankful for what He has done for me and praise His holy name

6. Do you believe God’s Wonders become more wonderful if they originate in the ordinary? Any Scripture references come to mind?
God does use ordinary people and items to bring about extraordinary things. Id like to take a look at this slightly differently to how others have. God made everything around us. Before I was baptised (apart from once when I was girl listening to a bible in schools teacher tell us about creation) nature looked very ordinary. However, once I was baptised and accepted God into my heart I remember looking at what had been very ordinary everyday trees and plants within my poorly kept garden (I dont have much of a green thumb) and suddenly seeing how green they were. They seemed to stand out to me. They seemed to be the brightest green I had ever seen. If one looks at a sunset in the evening it too may be taken by some to be just a sunset. But to me it is one of God’s paintings in the sky. The colours the effects the beauty of it. It is indeed amazing and wonderful. I would urge you to check out this website video


5 Responses to ““I AM” Bible Study Lesson Seven”

  1. thepreacherswife


    After a period of grief over miscarrying my first child, I experienced much the same thing you described about the colors of nature seeming brighter. For such a long time I think I was only seeing in shades of gray and all the sudden one beautiful fall day it is like the color just came back to the world more vividly than I could ever remember it. I’ll never forget that day and now I know I’m not crazy since you have experienced it too! :))

    Loved your responses today…!

    Much love,


  2. Leticia

    I don’t know if I could work with little orphans in another country but I truly am impressed with those who do. Maybe one day, the Lord will move you there, ya never know.

  3. Gretchen Hanna

    Jen, the pain you describe re: losing the day to day parenting of your daughter is something I can only imagine. Thank you for your thoughtful, God-loving answers in this post. You are a woman after His own heart, girl–I know it!

  4. jen

    Lisa youre not crazy and its awesome to read that you experienced it too

    thanks Gretchen

  5. Miriam Pauline

    Jen, thank you for sharing your heart in this study. Your answers always bless me.

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