Wordless Wednesday #4

Posted On June 6, 2007

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345-pm-1.jpg345-pm-2.jpg 345-pm-1.jpg


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17 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday #4”

  1. Murray Whittington

    Groovy Dude I reckon

  2. Dawn

    What a handsome little man 🙂

    Happy WW!

  3. Barbara H.

    Cool shades!

  4. Bridget

    what a cutie you have!! Hope your having a great day 🙂

  5. Val

    Jen, I love it. Daniel is the cutest little guy ever. Thanks for all your super sweet comments at my visions blog. You are the best!!! xo

  6. Darlene (CWO)

    Kids get such joy out of sunglasses, don’t they? That’s adorable.

  7. Amy

    awww he is so cute! What a character 🙂

  8. Denise

    How precious.

  9. jennyr

    cute little boy! i was abt to buy my daughter one too but chose a disney plate instead,lol!

  10. Susanne

    Cool dude!

  11. Alice Teh

    Oh the eyes! The smile! Daniel is so sweet! He has just made my Thursday morning a beautiful day… 🙂

  12. kayinpa

    He’s adorable…..that isnt the baby that you had back in 2005….is it?

  13. Amber

    The glasses, the glasses. I want to eat such a cutie wearing glasses!

  14. jenz

    LOL Yes he is Kay hes grown hasnt he 🙂

    thanks everyone

  15. Angel

    Cute ! Happy Belated WW.

  16. eph2810

    How cute 🙂 Jen…

  17. Gretchen Hanna

    What a sweet boy.

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