Saturday Night

Posted On June 10, 2007

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Went here last night with the youth group. I didnt swim. I have a cold. I was useful though as a mother turned up late with her boys and I greeted her. She may not have seen our group otherwise. One of the helpers brought me a coffee, after his swim – thanks again Pete. He was the man that took Billy out for the day some weeks ago. He asked how Billy was getting along now. A bit better I think. Pete said it was good that Billy has someone he can look up to and talk to if needed.He told me often boys will find someone that isnt mum or dad and that hes happy to be that person if needed 🙂

Does anyone know about the diet where you dont mix carbs with proteins????

I was talking to my sister on the phone yesterday and she started telling me about it. Shes going to email me about it but she has a large family. Im keen to know more about this diet as she said her weight is falling off her. To think this time last week I didnt give two hoots about my weight. I believed God made me the way I am. Ive never been on a weight losing diet. However, now its very important to me. God did make me the way I am but He also says to look after ourselves so maybe that means not getting obese too. Some commenters have said 20 lbs is nothing but to me it seems a lot. I cant bear to think about food especially forbiden foods like chocolate now. I crave them yet I am telling myself I mustn’t. I feel like a hypocrite I have told people including myself how much you weight doesnt matter – but now it does to me.


2 Responses to “Saturday Night”

  1. Denise

    I am praying for you to become happy with your weight, if you want to lose weight, I hope you do.

  2. Rachel

    Glad you had fun. I don’t know about the no mixing diet but I am restricting the number of carbs I take in and that works for me. If you do do something like that, be sure to take vitamins!

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