SCATTERGORIES meme is for . . .

Posted On June 10, 2007

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Got this meme from Precipitation
Guidelines:Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following categories. They should be real places, names, things…nothing made up! If you can’t think of anything, skip it

Your Name: Jen

Famous singer: James Taylor

4 letter word: Jehu

Street name: Jarvis Road

Color: Jaffa “Resene Jaffa is a blushing orange, sweet and refreshing.”

Gifts/presents:Jelly Bean Tube as contained in this gift basket

Vehicle: Jeep

Things in a Souvenir Shop: Jewelery

Boy Name: John (Wayne)
Girl Name: Janice (Joplin)

Movie Title: Jaws

Drink: Juice

Occupation: Journalist

Flower: Jasmine

Celebrity:Julia Roberts

Magazine: Journal of Christian Nursing Magazine

U.S. City: Jersey City

Pro Sports Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars

Something found in a Kitchen:Jam

Reason for being late for work: Just as I was about to leave the house I got an urgent phone call

Something you throw away: Jars

Things you shout: Jump!

Cartoon Character: Jerry


9 Responses to “SCATTERGORIES meme is for . . .”

  1. Rachel

    Well done Jen!

  2. Alice Teh

    What an interesting list, Jen. I like Jerry too. LOL.

  3. Denise

    I like your answers.

  4. jenz

    It was fun Rach

    thanks Alice and Denise

  5. kate5kiwis

    cool slide jen X

  6. Leticia

    Jehu??? I had never heard of that name until a few years ago and finally read it in the bible. Interesting.

  7. Mary

    I LOVE Scattergories!

    Your Name: Mary

    Famous singer: Mark Schultz

    4 letter word: Most

    Street name: Maple Street

    Color: Mauve

    Gifts/presents:Mohair sweater

    Vehicle: Mustang

    Things in a Souvenir Shop: Maps

    Boy Name: Moses
    Girl Name: Molly

    Movie Title: Mighty Ducks

    Drink: Mocha

    Occupation: Musician

    Flower: Marigolds

    Celebrity:Marilyn Monroe

    Magazine: Madd

    U.S. City: Minneapolis, MN

    Pro Sports Teams: Mariners

    Something found in a Kitchen: Mixer

    Reason for being late for work: Missed the bus

    Something you throw away: milk jugs

    Things you shout: Move!

    Cartoon Character: Micky Mouse

  8. jennyr

    great meme…now, I’ve got a tag for you at my blog,hehehe!

  9. jenz

    thanks Kate
    Leti Id never heard of that word at all but I think Muzz would say that I am at times

    thanks for taking part Mary

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