Spoilt for Choice – BOOKS BOOKS and more BOOKS

Today I stumbled across a new challenge

I have often wished the book challenges werent season specific as they seem to be – I couldnt really do The Spring Reading Challenge as much as I wanted to.  Its not Spring here!!!!  Quite the opposite in fact you blessed people.  Today has been cold and raining 😦

What I have found excites me.  I so wish I didnt have to wait until August to take part.

This is what I found


click on the picture to link

For this challenge

you  choose 3-5 books

 one per Genre (see here)

and then between August 1st – December 31st, 2007 you read them 🙂

Ive browsed my local library on line and Im spoilt for choice.  I could read for years all the books Ive short listed and as they are in the library it wont cost me a cent 🙂

Go sign up now and join me between  August 1st – December 31st, 2007 reading great books about our faith 🙂  🙂  🙂


17 Responses to “Spoilt for Choice – BOOKS BOOKS and more BOOKS”

  1. Denise

    I love to read sweety.

  2. Amy

    hmm I might just do that except it’s not spring here 🙂

  3. Barbara H.

    This sounds interesting! I’ll have to see what I can find for 3-5 genres.

    I think you could still do the seasonal book challenges even if you’re in the opposite season.

  4. eph2810

    Very cool – I have to think about it. I might find time if I get my blogging habit under control 🙂

  5. Susanne

    A very interesting challenge, Jen! Thanks for allerting me to it. You might have to give a little reminder in August.

  6. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen! This is an interesting challenge. I’ll see if I can find something in my mini Christian library to participate in. BTW, I’ve finished my Spring Reading Thing challenge. It has been great fun. There is no spring in Malaysia; the closest I can get is ‘summer’ as it’s hot all year round with some rain.

  7. Gattina

    and when it’s hot at Christmas, we are sitting in cold rain, lol it’s the opposite side of the world we both are living in.

  8. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen, I’ve posted my pledge to participate on my bloggie. 🙂

  9. And Miles To Go....

    I so wish I had time to sit down with a good book (sigh) 🙂 I hope that it gets sunny in your neck of the woods really soon.

  10. jenz

    shall do Suzanne closer to the time

    Alice wow Id love to live in Malaysia with weather like that its heading into winter here i dont like being cold

  11. Gretchen

    Hi Jen! This WILL make me read. 🙂 I have several books on hold right now that may fit into some of the genres. It’ll get me off the computer sooner! I have to save my eyesight for the pages. 🙂

  12. Gretchen

    BTW, even though it is days away from official summer here in WA, the temperatures are very cool and it’s rainy. I empathize with you. I want some sun, and I want it now! But I’d settle for a sunny BBQ for Drama Girl’s b’day party on Tuesday. Can’t believe she’ll be 9. Where did the time go?

  13. jenz

    cool so youre gonna take part too Gretchen??

  14. Leticia

    I love reading! Books are just so wonderful. In fact, I need to make a trek to the library.

    I think I will pass on the challenge, I am a bit of an epicure for books.

  15. Mizbooks

    Thanks so much for 1) joining in on my Christian Genre Challenge, and 2) advertising it for me! 😀

  16. Gretchen Hanna

    Yes, I’m in. I’m late getting my choices posted, but I’m in. :O)

  17. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen, my list is ready here. Have a good weekend! 🙂

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