Slip Sliding

Posted On June 20, 2007

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This morning I was taking Billy to school (via visiting his tutor) and he went out the front door and down the front steps slightly ahead of me. He told me to be careful of the front steps. They were a bit slippery with ice. I was being carefully and helping Daniel down them. I hadnt got very far when it felt like someone had pulled a mat from underneath my feet. I momentary forgot my wee boy and struggled all the way to stop slip sliding. The steps had disappeared and been replaced with a slippy slop and down I was going fast. Finally I landed at the bottom with the side my face smacking the footpath hard. I laid there moaning and crying out. Daniel was still at the top of the steps lying down on his back crying too. Billy came back from the car worried I told him to look after Daniel not me. He left him where he was and run next door to get our wonderful next door neighbour. She came over and helped me up. Billy picked Daniel up. We all went inside with my head aching. My back hurting a bit again. I also have a bruise already on my leg.

The offending stairs


Landed here face down


Dee (my wonderful next door neighbour) took Billy to school then came to check on me. In the meantime I had taken some pain killers and rung the landlord telling him what had happened and telling him he needed to either put a handrail up or sand paint the steps. I dont know whether he will do anything – you know what hes like. Billys tutor whom he was suppose to be seeing before school suggested I do the work and take the $$ off my rent. I think I may do this if nothing is done by Monday.


19 Responses to “Slip Sliding”

  1. Rachel

    Ouch Jen! I hope the pain goes away quickly!!!

  2. Diane J.

    Hope there’s no serious after effects, Jen. And I agree, if your landlord doesn’t fix those steps soon I’d fix them yourself and take it off your rent. Doesn’t he know you could sue him if you’re seriously hurt?

    Take it easy, Jen.

    Love and hugs,


  3. Alice Teh

    Oh Jen! That’s painful. I can’t imagine myself slipping like that. I hope you’re OK… Do the repair and take the $$ off the rent sounds like a positive idea. Do let us know what’s the outcome. Take care, Jen!

  4. Denise

    I am so sorry sweet Jen, praying that you are ok.

  5. devildogwife

    Oh my, I’m so glad that you weren’t hurt worse. Heal quickly. I agree that taking the money out of the rent is a good idea if he doesn’t do anything.

  6. Amy

    I would go to the tenancy tribunal about him, he sounds awful!

  7. Murray Whittington

    I think she should just get a handyman do teh upgrade and take it out of the rent as the landlord is so Lazy and slow with jobs and he is so called a builder in the trade and I wonder how he can survive in his business, if he cant even maintain his rental property what the heck is he doing in business as a BUILDER!!!!

    Lazy sod what will make him move before he does anything a death or a serious accident??

  8. Barbara H.

    Oh — I hope you’re ok now. Still sore, I can imagine. Hope you can get some response from the landlord. I’d really have troubles with steps without a rail any time, especially when it is slippery. Meanwhile, do they have rock salt there? My husband sprinkles that around outside when it is icy and it helps.

  9. Jenny

    I hope you’re feeling better!

  10. Jana

    Awww… another fall Jen? *hug* Your landlord should be beaten up by a mob of midgets. Or clowns. Or something.

    Seriously though… I think it’s an AWESOME idea to fix it and take it out of your rent… and with any other repairs that could hurt you or your kids. Tell him about each repair twice, write it in a notebook… and if he doesn’t fix it after you ask him the second time, do it yourself and send a copy of the receipts in the mail with the check to him.

  11. kate5kiwis

    ouchy… hope you are back in action… arnica and chocolate: that’s my remedy!!!! X

  12. Gretchen Hanna

    So sorry to hear about your fall. 😦

  13. And Miles To Go....

    Oh my!! I hope you are feeling better really soon!! The last time I slipped on the ice, I dislocated my shoulder and I was a few weeks pregnant with my daughter! Now I don’t go out in the ice–ever!! Yes, the landlord should be responsible for this. I hope t’s resolved really soon!!


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  15. Susanne

    Oh Jen. I’m behind again in my blog reading so totally missed this 2 days ago. I’m so sorry. You must have been terrified. Praying you will be okay.

  16. jenz

    Thanks Rachel, Diane, Alice, Denise, Barbara H, Jenny, Gretchen

    Amy it takes too long and costs me to start setting them up to do anything
    My plan is to look for quotes on Monday and take it out of next Thursday rent

    LOL youre funny Jana love you

    kate5kiwis I love those remedies

    Yes Bridget it could have been worse I supposeand its really scary having a fall when youre preggy

    Suzanne it happened all too quickly for me to have been terrified. I struggled the whole way though theres parts of me that wonder if I hadnt struggled so much I might not have hurt myself so badly

  17. Mary

    Oh Jen, I came here and read all the posts I’ve missed this week gone away from home (and blogging :O) ) and I’m so sorry you had this fall! Those kind of steps are treacherous. My husband’s shop used to have some just like it, and I had the same thing happen to me coming down them in winter ice holding our baby…only she was 8 mos old. Thank God she was okay, but I swear I cracked my tailbone…I’m praying for you…ouch!

  18. Val

    It seems like you have gone round and round with this guy. I’m so sorry! I am also so sorry you fell 😦 I hope you are feeling better . . .

    On a side note, I apologize for taking so long to catch up on your blog! It’s taking me forever to get back into the swing of things. Happy day to you, Jen.

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