Started walking again

Posted On June 29, 2007

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Back in this post I started thinking about my weight and fitness. Then I hurt my foot.

I use to walk but then stopped. I got lazy. It got more rainy and it was hard walking in the rain with Daniel. Today I decided to get back into it. Today I started by walking for 20 minutes when my washing was doing its thing in the laundromat. Then I walked part of the way to get Billy from school and back to the car equaling another 27 minute walk. I also have a skipping rope on order so I can skip inside when its raining outside. I read that a 10 minute skip equals a 30 minute jog. As I am not a jogging/running type of person Im going to build up skipping up slowly each time its raining.

I think the reason or at least part of the reason I have put on weight is because I (apart from doing the housework and looking after Daniel) am rather inactive.


Im going to keep a record of my walking here if you want to see how Im going and want to encourage me further.


11 Responses to “Started walking again”

  1. Denise

    Great news, I am proud of you. I love to walk.

  2. Connie Barris

    I keep thinking I’m going to do that… so ok… you have encouraged me to get back out there… let’s swap prayers….

    I always find excuses to do something else…

    praying for you now…

  3. Alice Teh

    You go, Jen! I’ve been quite lazy with gym lately, and need to get active once again. Let’s do this together! 🙂

  4. Mary

    Wonderful! I’m cheering you on from the US!

    I love to walk, but do so much better with a partner. Sadly my walking partner, an older neighbor lady, is suffering from osteoarthritis and can’t really do it anymore. Man I miss her and our walks. They just sped by. I haven’t walked for “exercise” in a long time. It’s kind of hard to break a sweat when taking the girls for a pleasure walk. I just need to be more disciplined. I’m putting on the pounds too.

  5. Nikkie

    Way to go Jen! I just love walking. I kind of have to, I have no car so I have to walk everywhere!

  6. Christine

    Good luck! I’m still trying to get back into any kind of regular activity since having the baby. It’s not easy now that the weather’s so darn hot!!

  7. Susanne

    Cheering you on! When I was walking I found those little step counters really motivating and there are lots of sites on the net that help you set # of steps goals.

  8. Val

    So great, Jen! I’m also very proud of you! KEEP IT UP! 🙂

  9. jenz

    thanks ladies

    Connie and Alice we can cheer each other on

    Nikkie I use to be like that

  10. And Miles To Go....

    I’m cheering you on in the US!! I am so proud of you. I don’t have a hurt foot and I can’t get motivated 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. jenny®

    i need to do this instead of sitting all day infront of the pc,lol! goodluck to u!

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