The week so far

Posted On July 4, 2007

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Billy is on school holidays for the next 2 weeks.  Monday was a quiet lazy day.  It ended with us rushing to the doctors.  At 4.30pm Daniel banged his mouth on one of his toy chairs.  He bled.  I tended to him and thought nothing more of it.  I know that kids always seem to bleed lots from mouth wounds.  At 5.30 pm Daniel was playing Billy and started bleeding again.  He hadnt actually stopped completely as it turns out.  We took him to the doctors.  I rushed as the doctor was on night call and I thought he was going to have to meet me there as it turns out he was  already there.  The doctor said that what Daniel had done was what had happened to his own son when he was little.  He told what it was called but I cant remember however if you place your finger on your two front teeth and run it up your teeth you will come to a little piece of skin that holds your lip to your gum.  This was cut.  When this gets cut usually from “face plants” (doctors words)  it does tend to bleed and bleed and keep bleeding off and on.  We were instructed to feed Daniel soft foods only.  LOL last night I served up mashed veges to Daniel for dinner like he had when he was starting solids – he wasnt interested nor impressed.  When Billy told Daniel that what was for dinner so hed better eat it.  Daniel raised his eye brows and pulled a face that made us laugh.  He looked like he was saying “really??? this isnt much of a dinner” LOL Funny how their tastes change over time isnt it?:)


Yesterday I cleaned up the house and enlisted Billys help.  Then we went to Billys private tutor for a lesson.  After this we went for a walk followed by a play at one of best playgrounds in the Bay.


Today Billy is going to a planetarium  with the Sunday School leaders and children.  They have been studying creation and are going to finish their study with this trip.  Billy loves space so this should be an enjoyable trip for him.


8 Responses to “The week so far”

  1. Diane J.

    Thanks for catching us up on your week so far, Jen. Hope the rest goes well, too. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  2. Barbara H.

    What a busy week so far! Glad Daniel is ok and that you all had some play time.

  3. Denise

    What a busy week, hope daniel is doing better.

  4. Amy

    Poor Daniel, hope it heals up. We’re on school holidays too, it’s nice not having to rush out the door every morning first thing.

  5. Alice Teh

    I hope Daniel is feeling much better now. Billy must be having fun with his school holiday now. Daniel is cute with the food. Haha!

  6. jenz

    daniel is all better now thanks everyone

  7. Val

    Great week thus far except for Daniel’s fall. Glad he’s all better now 🙂 Happy middle-of-the-week to you!

  8. Gretchen Hanna

    So glad Daniel wasn’t hurt worse than he was. Great photo journal idea you had. You know, my kids are off on summer vacation, and I agree with Amy–it’s nice not to have to run out the door at 7:45 each day.

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