A Wild Life Close Encounter

Posted On July 5, 2007

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I read this story online this morning and this afternoon we went and had a look. We (Billy and I) have never seen seals in the wild before.  Billy found a fish and gave it to one of the seals – it woofed it down and followed Billy around wanting more.

Orphan sea pups taken to heart

The Dominion Post | Thursday, 5 July 2007


People have named the seal pups who took up residence [in a Hawkes Bay coastal area] last week

Local fisherman Owen Tapine said it was unusual to see seals in the city’s harbour. He thought the pair were about five months old and said they appeared to have been abandoned by their mother.

“The mothers normally go out to feed and come back with food for their pups. She has just left them behind … she’s not coming back,” he said.

Mr Tapine said the seals were very friendly and were being well looked after by people.

“People come down and feed them. We give them left-over bait from off the boat.”

The pups’ long-term future will depend on how they develop in the coming months.

“Hopefully we can build them up so they can survive in the wild but if not, I’m not really sure … maybe Marineland will take them,” Mr Tapine said.


16 Responses to “A Wild Life Close Encounter”

  1. Diane J.

    Those poor babies! I do hope someone qualified takes them in and raises them to be released back into the wild, hopefully.

    What a great opportunity, to see the baby seals, Jen. Great pictures, too!



  2. Murray Whittington

    Yes I am pleased that Billy got a taste of being so close to such beautiful creatures, there are people who would endanger them and Billy has made me proud of not annoying them he actuallty feed them which makes me so proud, he is so lucky to have done that, as Seals here in New Zealand are protected species and its illegal to touch them or feed them here in NZ.
    but then again I dont think the govt will try and presecute a boy who was being friendly and trying to feed the pup.

    to me I see another side of Billy, a friendly natured person not a criminal who murder them for the fur like some country’s does….

  3. Denise

    I love these pictures.

  4. jenz

    Diane Marineland will probably do so if they think its necessary.
    Muzz a lot of people are feeding them fishermen for one as mentioned in the news article
    thanks Denise
    Ive promised Billy we will go out again too look at them when it is another fine dsy

  5. Linda C

    Wow–incredible pictures. Tomorrow I’m going to show my teenagers. They will love this.

  6. Susanne

    Wow, that is amazing how close that little guy came to your boy! Once in a lifetime photos!

  7. Alice Teh

    Jen, the photos are beautiful! I’ve never come so close to a seal before. Billy is SO fortunate! 😀

  8. devildogwife

    How exciting!! Great pictures too. My daughter would have been in heaven as she loves all animals.

  9. Gretchen Hanna

    What a wonderful opportunity. Great pictures, Jen!

  10. Amy

    oh how cool! My kids would go wild about a baby seal!

  11. Mary

    I’d seriously switch countries in a heartbeat if we could enjoy experiences like that every so often, how amazing! The west coast girl in me would LOVE to be Billy on those rocks with those pups! How cool.

    I notice your young man’s mohawk is growing back in… :O)

  12. jenny®

    that is sooo neat! i never had that kind of close encounter! I bet your billy enjoyed it!

  13. eph2810

    How neat that you and Billie were able to see it for yourself. I am sure that will be in a treasured memory for you and your son.
    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Val

    Every picture I was saying “wow”! What an experience for you and for Billy. That is amazing. What great pictures!

  15. jenz

    Billys hair is growing and hes decided hes had enough of it
    Much to the happiness of Muzz 🙂
    Hes rather conservative at times
    But I love him

    Thanks everyone especially Val for your kind words. I wasnt trying to capture anything great when taking the photos apart from what was taking place and it means a lot when a professional photographer says my photos are great Love ya

  16. Id been thinking of doing this . . . « Prayer Warrior

    […] we went out here again to see if the seals were still there and have a play a walk and a picnic […]

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