Billy got to see what my busy busy Thursdays are like

Posted On July 5, 2007

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Billy knows Thursdays are the busiest day of my week.  Today he got to experience what my Thursdays are like.  I follow the same routine on Thursdays.

On Thursdays I load up the car and usually drop Billy off at school.  Then I go and buy my power for the week.  We have a prepaid system I like it.  You dont get hit with a big bill at the end of the month.  Today Daniel got a stamp on the hand from the nice post office lady where we go to pay for the power.  He proudly showed Billy.


Then we go to the laundromat and unload the weeks washing from the car and set it washing.  My washing machine broken down ages ago but I like using the laundromat I can wash our weeks washing in 1/2 an hour using 4 machines try to beat that if you can using a normal washing machine at home.  Today the lady whom owns the laundromat asked me to move my car.  As a regular customer whom owes a van and brings washing from some place maybe like a hospital wanted to pull into the area where we are able to temporarily park our vehicles .  I wasnt actually so much in the way as was the car behind me.  They didnt seem to be moving.  I moved my car forward a bit the lady (whom owns the shop)  came out of the laundromat and told me I couldnt park there.  That it would put customers off.  What the heck am I???? A customer or what?  Grant it was right in front of the shop door.  But as I told her where else could I park and I was only going to be there a minute while I put the coins into the washing machines.  She agreed.  I was angry inside.


After the washing is set doing its thing I go over to the supermarket and do my weeks grocery shopping.


Then I go back pick up the washed clothes.  Boy those baskets of washing are HEAVY now!! I must point out that the shop owner did redeem herself in eyes a little.  One of my loads hadnt rinsed properly and she did allow me to rinse it again for free.

Once home I give Daniel his lunch, put the groceries away and hang the washing on the line.


After all this completed I collapse sit onto the  couch and have my lunch.


9 Responses to “Billy got to see what my busy busy Thursdays are like”

  1. Diane J.

    No wonder you come home and collapse!

    My Thursday is going to be very similar to yours. I’ll have Emmy all day from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm. I’ll do washing here at home, drying in my dryer and then folding, hanging and putting it away. I’ll also do some housework here and there as I can, around tending to Emmy.

    Then after Jessica picks up Emmy in the evening I’ll have to go do my grocery shopping. I usually do it in the daytime but I don’t want to have to lug Emmy and all her paraphernalia to the grocery store with me and have to deal with her as I shop.

    Boy, this taking care of a baby thing is a lot more tiring at 43 than it was at 23! 😉

    So anyway, long day for me on Thursday, too. 🙂

    I liked seeing your pics of the laundromat and the supermarket shelves. I don’t see a single brand name that we have here in the US.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Amy

    hmm yeah paying for your power before hand certainly sounds interesting and we go to PaknSave too.

  3. eph2810

    Wow – your Thursday is surely busy. I am glad that you were able to rinse your laundry again. I like clothes hung outside – they always smell so fresh 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your day with us.

    Be blessed today and always.

  4. kate5kiwis

    i am a self-confessed washing-a-holic… and today i did 3 huge loads… most days we have one or two.
    and most of it went in the dryer today 🙂

  5. Denise

    Wow, what a busy day for you sweety.

  6. jenz

    I hope you rest when you can my sweet friend
    Dont beat yourself up if you cant get everything accomplished my friend
    Emmy is more important than any old housework
    “Boy, this taking care of a baby thing is a lot more tiring at 43 than it was at 23!”
    I found that too. When I had Billy I was 25 getting preggy with Daniel at 35 was vastly different. I was tired constantly still am to some extend although I actually feel heaps better now Im walking again
    So you take care and youll sick of my broken record LOL but rest when you can. You wont be of any use if you get over tired hugs to you my friend bless you Im sure Jessica is very grateful to have a mum like you Im blessed to have a friend like you

    I first came across this system when I lived in Christchurch. I value this system makes life so much easier for me. To the point where it would be a deciding factor in a new rental. If and when we move.

    I cant afford to use the dryers. Sometimes it takes a few days for the washing to dry but it does eventually.

    wanna do mine some time LOL you washing-a-holic you 🙂

    Keeps me on my toes my sweet loving friend 🙂

  7. Alice Teh

    You’ve been very busy, my friend! Very productive too. 😀

  8. jenny®

    busy busy day! thanks for sharing the pics, gives me a good glimpse of your place! I’ve actually never been there before but I’d love to visit someday!

  9. Val

    Just shows again how great you are, Jen. Productive, busy, but so great 🙂

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