Today my prayers and thoughts are with the people from Taranaki

Over the last few days the Taranki Region of the North Island of New Zealand has been hit with at least 6 tornadoes. While we do get tornadoes here in New Zealand they dont usually strike populated areas and dont cause too much damage compared to USA ones do. New Zealand only typically gets about 20 moderate to strong twisters each year. So to get 6 in the last few days in the same area is alarming.

Here are the news stories about what has happened

The other area of concern particularly to Muzz and myself is that one of his sisters live there with her daughters. Thankfully she is away on holiday in Australia with her girls at the moment. It is a bit of a concern to me that she may have damage to her newish house. Her boyfriend (her hubby committed suicide a couple of years ago) texted to tell us that he had lost half of his hay shed. What impact this will have on his farm at the moment is uncertain.


taranaki.jpgThis is the area effected


This is the North Island of New Zealand showing the area effected and there is a dot where we live

Today I am praying for these poor people. That God may give them strength during this uncertain time and scary time. That if they have suffered damage to their houses, farms, jobs or places of work that they may pull together to overcome this. I pray for their safety and well being. I am praying for those who can help them that they may do so in a way were the people feel somewhat better real soon.


Just heard a news report it said that this is the worst set of twisters in New Zealand’s history. I felt very near to tears as I was watching the reporters talking to a family who have lost everything.


I continue to pray over the weekend for these people. My heart goes to them. I am on the verge of tears for them. Oh how I wish the tears would come. There was a comment left yesterday to do with my safety thanks for the concern bless you Diane. The bad weather is headed up north not across country so we should be ok.

Meanwhile as I awake on Saturday morning here are the latest reports

Praise God for looking after these people. It is a miracle that no one is badly hurt. Praise God for sending in people to help. Id want to be there if I could. Id want to be alongside children and their mums comforting them.

We got news last night that Muzzs sisters house is ok. Praise the Lord for that too. I pray that Bandy (name changed to protect identity) enjoys the rest of her holiday and is really fresh when she returns home so she can get alongside her neighbours and comfort them. I pray for her as she returns home to find her town n destruction.

Pray with me this weekend for all the people impacted by this.


19 Responses to “Today my prayers and thoughts are with the people from Taranaki”

  1. Denise

    I will join my prayers with yours my sweet friend.

  2. jenz

    thanks Denise its so sad 😦

  3. Diane J.

    Bless them all, I’ve been through a couple of mild tornadoes and they didn’t feel mild at all at the time! I can well imagine terrifying and sad it must be for them.

    That’s not all that far from you and your family, Jen. Be careful and keep an eye to the sky, dear friend. I’ll say a prayer for those already affected and for safety for you and others in the path of the storms. Take care and be safe.

    Love and hugs,


  4. Susanne

    Praying for those that were hit!

  5. Alice Teh

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I will pray!

  6. devildogwife

    Oh, Jen, I’m so sorry to hear about this. I’ll be joining you in prayer.

  7. Gretchen Hanna

    I never knew that NZ had tornadoes. I’ll pray right now. Thanks for being the Prayer Warrior for those folks hit by the twisters.

  8. Gretchen Hanna

    You are the reflection of Jesus in so many ways. I have something for you on my blog. 🙂

  9. jenz

    Oh Gretchen thank you
    You brought the refreshing tears my friend thank you

    thanks for prayng friends keep it up these people need all the help they can get

  10. Amy

    oh I know! I’ve seen this on the news all week, We saw a tornado over the mountains near us last night – talk about weird and you know we’re nowhere near Taranaki Jen?

  11. Diane J.

    I’m glad you’re not in danger, Jen. I’ll be praying for those who have to rebuild or find another place to live.

    Praise God nobody was seriously hurt or killed!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jen. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  12. jenny®

    oh..thank God no one was hurt! We get tornadoes up here too. We never get this kind of thing from where I come from, Philippines but still lots of natural calamities out there that took thousands of lives…I pray for their souls…

  13. Barb

    So sad, Jen. I think there can’t be much worse than having not only your home but your whole town destroyed like this. I’m praying for everyone affected.

    It sure makes my little problems seem insignificant.

  14. Dariana

    Am praying for these people as well. They have just had so much tragedy lately.

  15. Leticia

    I just found about the tornadoes from Aimz’ blog. My gosh, it is frightening.

    As I had mentioned to her, I live in tornado alley in the States, and it is very disturbing to hear about these storms. No one can truly predict when one will touch down.

    What is also bothersome is I am sure this town has never been prepared for Tornado warnings.

    My prayers are with them.

  16. Val

    Oh my goodness, how terrible. Thinking of them . . .

  17. And Miles To Go....

    Our thought and prayers are with them also. I am so glad you are okay. Have a peaceful weekend.

  18. Toni

    I’m glad you’re okay, Jen. I can’t imagine what others are going through though. Why do I not picture New Zealand having tornadoes?

  19. jenz

    We dont have a lot but then this town was hit 6 times!!!

    thanks everyone for praying with me bless you all

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