Imagine if you will

Posted On July 10, 2007

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Yesterday we went out to the seals again

I didnt take my camera I figured very wrongly that Id taken photos there would be no need to take anymore how very wrong I was

One of the seals (the one I took most photos of last time) ventured up on to the land off the rocks where it had spent all the rest of its time up until now.  This land was where most people stood and watched the seals it is a flattish dry dirt covered grounding.  Behind this there stands a lighthouse.

Now close your eyes and imagine if you will LOL you cant do that can you you wont be able to read

Ok imagine if you will Daniel in his stroller with an ice-cream container in one hand and a jam sandwich in the other with this incredible beautiful wild animal  right in front of the stroller sniffing Daniel wanting to share his lunch

See I told you I mucked up severely when I decided not to bring my camera

The seal was right and I mean right in front of Daniel in his stroller.  I took the container away and the seal moved sightly forward sniffing Daniel.  What a photo that would have been.  What a prize treasure to show Daniel later when hes older.  I tell you this seal practically had its head in Daniels lap.

Daniel was interested in it.  It didnt stay there long.  It wandered around interested in its surroundings.  Interested in a dog the owner wisely moved away.  After about 5 minutes it used its incredibly strong body to move back to the safety of the rocks.  It was amazing to watch it haul itself up and over the rocks back to its sister or brother.  As one spectator said for a sea animal it moves so well on land.  Its like a 4 wheel vehiclehe said.  I reflect on the fact that it had very strong shoulders and flippers.  At one stage it propped itself up (as though it were standing up) on a large rock and hauled itself up on to it using its flippers like hands and its shoulders to get up there.  I was relived it had decided to go back to where it has decided to live on the rocks.  I was afraid it might venture further on to dry land and possibly get on to the road.  Not a very busy road mind more a large car-parking area but nevertheless.

I havent told Billy as he pestered me the whole weekend to go back but go back we will before the end of the week.  Before Billy goes back to school next week.  And you can be very sure I will take my camera this time.  Most probably the seal wont come close to Daniel again but you never know . . .



7 Responses to “Imagine if you will”

  1. Alice Teh

    Wow, I can imagine, Jen! The photo would’ve been a treasure, and I hope when you go back there again, the same if not better thing will happen. Have fun!

  2. jenz

    thanks Alice

  3. Denise

    Thanks for sharing, I can imagine.

  4. Murray Whittington

    I just smacked my forehead with shock and going oooohhhh nooo no camera, geeze that usually is Jens life and blood line for rare shots, I smack my head again with a sore butt kicking myself would be a great photo of DJ with the seals head in his lap.


  5. jenz

    muzz ive done that too!!!!!!!!!!

  6. supermom

    I get how you are beating yourself up about this!!! You know me and my camera! Would have been a great photo

  7. Susanne

    Oh that just sounds like something I would do. Would have been a great shot. Maybe you’ll be afforded another opportunity soon.

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