The Weekend in Review

Posted On July 16, 2007

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Today Billy went with our wonderful next door neighbors to see the stage play of Aladdin put on the children Operatic Theater School.


While he was gone Muzz, Daniel and I went to see Muzz parents. Daniel had heaps of fun over there. He climbed Poppas ladder in his garage. He played with the ball Poppa has strung up in the garage so he doesnt drive his car to far into the garage. Daniel enjoyed running around their front yard and wanted more and more wheelbarrow rides from Daddy.


We had KFC for dinner. Then our wonderful next door neighbours came over and we ll watched Sponge-Bob on TV. While enjoying wine, fizzy, and chippies and popcorn (the food provided by the generous Billy himself 🙂 )



This morning I was up with the birds. Vacuuming the remains of the popcorn off the lounge floor. Then I sorted Daniels toys into 2 groups. He has far too many toys. So I have decided to allow him to play with one set one month and the other lot the next month.

After breakfast I organized the laundry for the washing machine Muzz’s sister is giving to me. Muzz mowed the lawns. With can you believe it !!!! Our new 2nd hand mower the landlord got us. When you have picked yourself up off the floor from shock. Yes its true!! Our slack landlord actually got us a new lawn mower the old one died.




8 Responses to “The Weekend in Review”

  1. Amber

    Cute graphics and I’m still salivating over the thought of KFC….

  2. Denise

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend, funny graphics.

  3. Tanya

    I have Logan’s toys sorted into about 4 different boxes and do the same thing. It works really well – as soon as he starts getting bored with his current toys he gets “brand new” ones. Hope you have a wonderful week 🙂

  4. Murray Whittington

    Yeah and it was cool to see the boys watchign through the window (opened) and watching dad mow the lawns, after months of wet weather, the lawns had to be mowed, but managed, still got more wet weather heading our way here in NZ.

    I think Daniel was quite amused with looking through the window as each time I go up to him and say hi he hides away and pops up and I say boo and he giggles.

    Great day was had by all and sun managed to stay out long enough for all of us.

  5. cheryl

    Sounds like a great weekend! And those are great pics!

  6. Leticia

    I would say that you, do indeed, have wonderful neighbors, anyone coming over to watch Spongebob, has to have a heart of gold. My kids love it and I just want smack that cartoon. Hee.

  7. jenz

    It was yummmmmmmmmy Amber

    they do play with them more dont they Tanya

    Muzz I must say that Billy was on strict instructions to stay with
    Daniel while the window was open

    It was a good weekend 🙂 Denise and Cheryl

    We are going to have to borrow the DVD Leti as both Muzz and I find we have to really concentrate on the story to keep up to play with it

  8. Alice Teh

    Looks like all of you had wonderful, great fun on the weekend. That’s so nice to see. I love the picture of the boys. Hehe. I quite like Spongebob myself and gave all my colleagues in my ex-office each one a Spongebob badge. They were thrilled and we’re talking adults here. I bought like 50 badges to the shop owner’s glee. Haha!

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