I WON!!!! :) :) :)

On 10th of July I entered a competition never expecting to win. I dont usually win anything. This morning I went over to the competition site to see who the blessed person was. My eyes nearly popped out of head. I couldnt believe what I was seeing – it was my name.


Thanks so much MamaBright 🙂

Im going to add to my list of books to read when I take part in this challenge


14 Responses to “I WON!!!! :) :) :)”

  1. Denise

    Woo Hoo, I am so happy that you won. I love you my friend.

  2. mamabright

    congratulations! the book will be on its way to you tomorrow…

    and thanks for sharing about the Christian genre challenge…I think I might do that too!

    blessings, mamabright 🙂

  3. Amy

    awesome! congrats Jen 🙂

  4. Diane J.

    What a blessing, Jen! Oh happy day! 😉

    I won a book on a blog giveaway and just got it Saturday. Which reminds me, I need to let my blogging friend know that the book got here safely.

    Have a good week, Jen. (It’s still Sunday night, 11 pm here.)

    Love and hugs,


  5. jenz

    thanks all
    yep its a super surprise 🙂

  6. Alice Teh


  7. Leticia

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am truly happy for you!! Way to Go!!

  8. Connie Barris

    oh girl…..way to go….

    let me know what you think of it……

  9. Amber

    Hurray for you! I never win anything either but perhaps your good luck will come my way!

  10. Liza's Eyeview

    Congratulations! Have fun reading.

  11. jenz

    thanks 🙂
    it will take a while to get here but I will let you know when Ive read it Connie

  12. jennyr

    Hi jen…thanks for always visiting and leaving comments on both my blogs! I really appreciate it! I’m still at the hotel right now and just doing quick rounds around here… CONGRATS on winning something on the net. You’re like me! I get so excited if I win something no matter what it is…enjoy your book!

  13. And Miles To Go....

    congratulations, Jen!! I love a good book 🙂

  14. A week ago I won a book it arrived!! :) :) « Prayer Warrior

    […] no responses Last Monday I won this book […]

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