4 Days to Build a House – Raising $$ for the Hawkes Bay Hospice

Posted On August 6, 2007

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Last Thursday

6am 30 top quality builders started building a house.

I got to go and have a look at midday (6 hours after they had started).

Amazing isnt it. I did ask myself why it usually takes so long. Then I quickly reflected upon the fact that one doesnt not usually have 30 builders doing it. The other thing that I heard was that the electrician is already in their working too.

After I picked up Billy from school we went and had another look. See the 4 pm shots.

Billy went to band practise tonight on the way home we had another look see 8pm shots. They have 2 more hours to do tonight. Long day 6am to 10pm.

I want to draw your attention to this guy Hes on silts to paint the ceiling



Today I gave Billy the day off school as this was painting day. They did a LOT of preparation before they painted. They also made decks. We caught a few glimpses of the inside of the house. When they finally did paint boy did they go fast. Faster than I had imagined. I guess everyone would like to have a spray gun like they had 🙂 We watched a man getting interviewed and just as we were leaving for the day we also saw a lady getting interviewed on top of the radio truck. The boys got photographed it may be the local paper on Wednesday. We stayed from 9 am till 3.30 pm today. Although the day started off rainy it fined up later in the day. Muzz took Billy to stay with him for the night 🙂

did you know that if you put your mouse over one of the photos there is a description


Saturday Morning

A New Zealand celebrity builder was there for some of the morning. John “Cocksy” Cocks is a builder for over 15 years, he has been TV programmes like My home My castle and works and promotes Carters

He helped make a playhouse. Mid morning he went off to one of the Carter Stores.

The newish Hawkes Bay duck arrived. This is an amphibious vehicle/vessel that is designed to go on land and water. There were also a lot more food vendors today. Everyone is gearing up for the final day tomorrow.

NB:- At its peak there were 85 builders going for it on the main house. A house like this would normally take 5 weeks with 2 or 3 builders to complete.

Watched a video on a TV that is being donated with the house of the building from Thursday morning till today. Interesting especially what I had missed by the time I got there on Thursday lunchtime. Its amazing what these guys are doing. They are really going for it!!!

Raining and cold this avo.

But wheres theres a will theres a way. They started building in one of the tents. This is one of the walls of the playhouse. The playhouse is going to be in a raffle that will drawn before the main auction tomorrow. It is a replica of the main house and comes complete with pink batts and electricity.


Inside the main house itself there has been wall papering, painting, plumbing and lino laying going on. I cant wait till tomorrow they are going to have an open home.

Tonight Muzz came over and we went over and had another look


Billy and I were up bright and early this morning.  We packed a picnic lunch and left Muzz and Daniel for the day.  We went back to the house.  When we arrived there were cleaning ladies in the house.

We lined up waiting to be allowed to in to the house to have a look.  We were 2nd in line but had to wait for an hour and a half.  While we were waiting Billy  had his photo taken with Cocksy  Later we got his autograph.  Poor billy found it hard to wait for the time we could finally go in.  He had a lie in the sun while he waited.  We had to wait while the cleaning ladies finished, the builders put their ads up and the local football team had a look and had their photos taken etc.  Finally they allowed us in.  it was beautiful.  The furniture in the  house is just for show.  However the TV, DVD and whiteware come with it.

Throughout the day we watched the builders constructed the 2nd playhouse.  One was auctioned off, while the other was raffled off.   We got to go up on the amphibious vehicle/vessel – just to have a look.  It costs $25 a person to actually have a ride.  Too expensive for us!!!

There was organised games for the kids.  One of which was hammering nails into wood and the kids including billy won a drink bottle.  He also shot some netball goals.  Hes quite good at that.  There were marching girls and Cocksy had a turn too, which was quite funny.  Hes a very good sport J

Finally auction time came around.  The mayors of the 2 main cities which make up the Hawkes Bay spoke.  Then Cocksy auctioned off a football signed shirt (BTW our team won on Saturday) and  a painting by a local artist and one of the playhouses.  We were surprised that Cocksy is good at auctioneering.  Then everyone made their way to the main house where it was blessed.  Then it was auctioned off too.  It raised $20,000 more the market value so that was good.  The other playhouse was drawn this morning on the radio.   A good day in the sun in the lovely Hawkes Bay.


13 Responses to “4 Days to Build a House – Raising $$ for the Hawkes Bay Hospice”

  1. Denise

    Wow, that is amazing.

  2. Diane J.

    How interesting, Jen. I know Billy had a ball and it was educational, too, though he doesn’t have to know that. It might spoil some his fun. 😉

    Love and hugs,


  3. Overwhelmed!

    Wow, how amazing, Jen! My sister went to New Orleans to spend a week with Habitat for Hummanity, helping to build homes there. She loved it!

    Anyway, I’m stopping by to let you know, I’m hosting my second Pay It Forward Book Exchange giveaway. There are 7 other book giveaways linked up thus far in my post too, so there are lots of opportunities to win! Stop by for more details!

  4. Murray Whittington

    I would liek to ask everyone in their prayer to do a prayer for the ones who died of Cancer through hospices and to the loved ones who has lost their family members through cancer…

    a hospice is a place where the end part of the ones dying here in NZ and I have had many of my family go in the hospice and please can I ask for a prayer for those who has passed away.


  5. Jan

    Good request Muzz, there is much need for that support for the families and the ones undergoing the biggest trial of their lives. As you know, I am seeing this situation almost daily and I know the ones that have been so supported and helped in this way. Hospice do good work on the whole but I think it is the wonderful loving families that are the ones often forgotten and the need for good Christian support at this most important time which we must all face, Prayers of the faithful availeth much,

  6. Alice Teh

    I will be praying…

  7. Leticia

    Geez! I wish they would come and fix up my house, they would have it all done in one day!


  8. Connie Barris

    You know this really touches my heart… As a Hospice Nurse… I have a special place in my heart for anyone that supports this. And if you have ever lost a loved one, you understand this as well. We don’t just take care of people with cancer any longer. We manage people with ALS (Lou Gerigs)- I probably can’t spell this-nurses or this nurse can’t spell, Lung Disease, Alzeihmers, Debility, Muscular Dystrophy, and the list goes on. Any thing that is life threatening and the earlier Hospice can treat these patients, the better “quality” of life they can have, not necessarily quanity.

    So Jen,,, thank you and I will be praying… you so bless me.

  9. Frances

    Just stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog. It is interesting to see a house get built so fast, there are all sorts of tricks of the trade to get the job done faster.

  10. jenz

    It was very interesting Denise
    Both boys and even I found it interesting Diane

    Id like to do that or help in some way one day Overwhelmed
    They have Habitat for Hummanity here in New Zealand too
    thanks for telling me about your second Pay It Forward Book Exchange giveaway.

    They indeed are a worthy organisation supporting so many people Joining you in pray Muzz, Jan, Alice

    Thanks for visiting Leti and Frances

    Connie I pray for the nurses too. You bless me too 🙂

  11. jenny®

    what an eventful week u had! nothing like that i’ve ever seen or experienced before so, that’s really worth sharing it here! thanks for the pics…

  12. Val

    Wow, that is so amazing. Bless them for doing that!

  13. Sheryl

    Wow that is so amazing! How fun and educational to get to watch the whole process! thanks for sharing the pics and experience 🙂

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