The End of the House Story

Posted On August 7, 2007

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Newspaper article

It seemed everyone knew who sold it. I didnt so. I asked Muzz’s dad. It turns out that Mr Simmons is a lifetime resident of the Hawkes Bay, a millionaire and a land developer. I also heard a rumor from another source that he was coming off the expressway when he decided to go and buy it.

Yesterday afternoon we went back with amazing timing on our part and saw the truckies preparing to take it away. They took it off the boggy grass parked it in the carpark. This took some doing.


7 Responses to “The End of the House Story”

  1. Diane J.

    Wow, I had no idea the house would be moved! I thought it was to stay permanently on that spot. How neat!

    Hope all is well with you and yours, Jen.

    And to Muzz: My Mama, Daddy, a brother in law and many more family and friends have died of cancer while under hospice care. I will certainly say a prayer for those who’ve died and also the wonderful caring hospice staff who care for our dying loved ones.

    Love and hugs,


  2. Denise

    Praying for the hospice patients, and staff. My momma was under hospice care last year before she passed away.

  3. Sarah

    Hi Jen, thanks for the comment on my blog.
    My, you have certainly been busy! And for a great cause. Well done.

  4. And Miles To Go....

    what a wonderful cause!! I love the pictures you shot.

  5. Darlene (CWO)

    It’s amazing that they can move an entire house in one piece! Wow.

  6. jenz

    thanks all and i join in the prayers

  7. jenny®

    that’s so cool! i’ve never seen one how they do that!

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