Works of God Weekend

Posted On August 12, 2007

Filed under faith

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click on GOD to link


Its actually as easy as that to lean on Him 🙂


The blessing this week was time to myself

My man took my youngest a busy 21 month old toddler on Friday till Saturday

this weekend Im thanking Muzz and God

for placing the need on Muzz’s mind

I pray this becomes a regular event for both boys

its good for a mum to get a break every now and again


6 Responses to “Works of God Weekend”

  1. Barbara H.

    Amen — Mom does need time alone some times! Glad you were able to have some solitude for a bit.

  2. adustyframe

    Amen!:) Sounds wonderful!
    Thanks for participating.

  3. kate5kiwis

    but… what did you *do* while daniel was having so much fun… apart from having a cuppa without a million chats… X

  4. Alice Teh


    I totally agree that it’s so easy to lean on our Heavenly Father, Jen! God bless!

  5. jenz

    thanks for the visits friends 🙂

  6. jenny

    yap! we do need a break every now and then…i hope i can get mine soon,lol

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