Tackle it Tuesday – My Car and My Lounge/Desk Area

Posted On August 14, 2007

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I dont have before photos. I sometimes decide to do chores and decide half way through that they could be a TIT.

Mind you – you dont want to see the before photos believe when I say my car was MESSY!!!

Then on Monday I tackled my lounge and desk area. The sun had been shining on my computer screen making it hard to see so I reorganized things a bit. Also moved a chair back into the lounge.


11 Responses to “Tackle it Tuesday – My Car and My Lounge/Desk Area”

  1. Karen (Pediascribe)

    Great job! It’s amazing how great your car looks!!

  2. Barbara H.

    Great work! I need to get my car cleaned out, too.

  3. Raesmom

    Great tackle! I need to clean out my truck as well. I dare not show a before picture though. 😉

  4. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen! Great work you’ve done with your car and lounge. Love the Chinese fans on the wall… I think maybe I should participate in the Tackles because there’s so much to do but I’m just to erm… lazy to do it. It’s time to get stuff organized. Hehe…

  5. Debbie

    Everything looks so nice, this is a great TIT.
    Thanks for sharing,

  6. Gen

    Wow – Good on you!!! My car is a mess and I would NEVER share a before photo with anyone! hehehehe

    Hope you are well otherwise?

    Take Care

  7. Mary

    I am so impressed by your slideshows! Soooo cool! Great job on the two tackles! It feels good, huh!

  8. Wendy

    Terrific tackles! Isn’t it amazing how much we accumulate in the car? Wow!

  9. jenz

    Thanks Karen, Barbara, Raesmom, Alice, Debbie, Gen, Laura and Wendy

    Alice they arent all Chinese fans Alice one is an antique style one, one is a Laban one, and I think might even from here in the Bay but yes 2 are Chinese. they are my little collection of fans.

    Mary it does feel good and now if Muzz will just have Daniel again who knows I might be able to tackle my spare storage room again

  10. donetta

    Oh my car… All the trips to the children’s therapy and each one 25 miles one way! We lived it this summer. That will get on a list soon.

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