More of My Book Choices for the Christian Genre Challenge

Posted On August 17, 2007

Filed under Christian Genre Challenge

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Christian life — Fiction

dark blue – Melody Carlson


Christian women — Fiction

The yada yada prayer group Neta Jackson


Abused women — Christian fiction

Why is the Sky Blue – Susan Meissner


Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy/Christian fiction

Soon : the beginning of the end Jerry Jenkins.



2 Responses to “More of My Book Choices for the Christian Genre Challenge”

  1. Alice Teh

    I’m so excited to see the list, Jen. I look forward to hearing your reviews or thoughts about them. 😀

    P/S: I think there’s a repetition for the first two book covers…

  2. Japangela

    Hey Jen! Faithful friend! I finally tracked down your blog and put it in my bookmarks on my new computer! I had to go through three expired blogs before I found your current one! LOL!

    Happy Birthday to you boy!

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