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Posted On August 20, 2007

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Well it was lovely waking up this morning – for the first time ever Daniel came out of his bedroom happy this morning. He usually cries hard 1st thing in the morning. He was happy 🙂

It was a quiet morning, then after lunch I took Billy to a local church. Some of the churches in the area got together and the youth groups had a Scavenger Hunt

While he was gone Daniel and I had a walk. Later I got the washing in off the line and got stung by a 59396660_6c0355b9a9_b.jpg

I have never been stung by one (a wasp) before. I rushed over to my wonderful next door neighbours. I use to be highly
allergic to bees when I was a girl. She gave me an antihistamine tablet and told me Id be fine. Which I was. But I checked all the washing before I took off anymore off the line!!!


Church followed after lunch by a walk to the shops and back.  I took the boys plus a friend of Billys from church.  They grumbled all the way back as I apparently forced them to come with me and they had no time to play with the play station.   Poor things.  I asked if they wanted to come and they jumped at the chance.  Then the friends mum came and picked him up and we had a lovely conversation and cuppa.  While I was away Muzz fixed the lights in the kitchen they werent working – old brittle and had it.   Thanks Muzz love ya

I also joined a walking club at church off to do my first walk with them this morning 🙂


14 Responses to “My Weekend”

  1. Amy

    ouch, that must’ve hurt! apparently if you rub banana skin on the sting it takes the swelling down.

  2. Murray Whittington

    mm ok interesting Amy, thought Vinegar does something similar, I understand it kills the bacteria and also reduces the swelling and also kills the sting as well.

    Ill pass this onto my mother and Jen about Banana skins being used.


  3. Japangela

    Personally, I stick some mud on a sting… or a patch of baking soda and water. Wasp stings hurt A LOT! I had one in my pantleg after the wash came in from the line, and it stung all up my leg! Now, if I feel something crawling under my pant legs I smack it real hard and investigate later. It has come in handy with bees.

  4. Amy

    yep it works, my dh has had paper wasp stings and after rubbing banana skin on them the wound was better within minutes…weird I know…

  5. Dawn - Coming to a Nursery Near You

    Jen, thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting – I finally figured out how to find your “real” blog instead of the one that you leave when you sign my comments LOL

    It’s nice to finally “meet” you! So sorry about the bee sting. I haven’t been stung since I was young, but I remember how much they hurt! All in all, it sounds like you had a nice weekend though.

  6. Alice Teh

    Glad to hear you had a happy weekend. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the bee sting… I hope you’re OK…

  7. Leticia

    I still remember how painful it is to stung by a wasp, nasty little critters. I am glad you are doing okay.

  8. rindy

    Oh my gosh–I’ve gotten stung twice this summer–those wasps are ruthless!! I think the first one was a hornet though—I have never felt so much pain!! I love all your photos…glad I stopped by to catch up…

  9. Nikkie

    I’ve never been stung by a Bee either! I’m glad you didn’t have any bad reactions!

  10. Revka

    I’m glad you didn’t have a terrible reaction to the sting. I’m also glad Daniel had a good morning.

    Thanks for your sweet comment about our anniversary and homeschooling over at The Porch Light. That was such an encouragement to me. 🙂

  11. Amber

    Nothing better than happy kids at wake-up. Mind are stellar in the mornings. However, after naps is another story entirely!

  12. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning

    I can’t even remember the last time I was stung but boy let me tell you, I sure came close today. Cameron was playing in the back yard so I decided to pull a few weeds out of a spruce bush. Apparently there’s a huge hornets nest in that bush. They literally swarmed up into the air around me. Luckily, I didn’t get stung but you can bet I told Rob about it the minute he got home. And I sprayed Cameron within an inch of his life with insect repellent!

  13. jenz

    didnt know that Amy have it try that next time

    Ouch!! Japangela pleased I only got stung once

    Dawn it was a WASP and yes it was a nice weekend

    thanks Alice, Leticia, Rindy

    wow havent you??? Nikkie
    Ive had plenty of bee stings in my past but NEVER a wasp up until now

    Me too!!! Nikki and Revka thanks both of you
    and your welcome Revka I home schooled for 2.5 years several years ago

    Im pleased Cameron and you didnt get stung either Barb
    A swarm of them would have really freaked me out!!

  14. Val

    A walking group — what a great idea!! Hope you had a lot of fun. And yay for you on Daniel waking up a happy camper! Always makes for a happy house 🙂

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