Works of God Weekend

Posted On August 26, 2007

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Yesterday was such a good but BUSY day

I want to thank God today for blessing me with a GREAT friend

Last night we went over to my friends house for dinner and Billy stayed the night.

This friend is from church she use to be the youth group leader, she is a GREAT solomum of one of Billys best friends

Although shes been through some hard times in the last year shes always been an inspiration and a support to me

I LOVE having her as a sister in the Lord

Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my special friend

Thanks for having Billy and a great dinner and company last night LUV YA my special friend



7 Responses to “Works of God Weekend”

  1. adustyframe

    Good friends are so wonderful!

    Thank you for participating!

  2. Denise

    I love you my friend.

  3. Alice Teh

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful time with your friend! God is so good for blessing us with people whom we can call friends. The simple joy in life is always the best, and friends are definitely one of them. Thank you for being my friend too, Jen!

  4. Connie Barris

    Thank God for those special people, those special friends..

    For you are so worthy, Jen

  5. jenz

    thanks and bless you all
    my special bloggie friends
    I am all the more richer for knowing each and every one of you

  6. eph2810

    Jen, it is so important that we have great friends that help us. Thank you for sharing and thank for stopping by yesterday.

  7. takingthechallenge

    Friends truly are gifts from God, aren’t they?
    Thanks for your sweet comment about our cat…I sure miss her.

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