Co Sleeping

Posted On August 30, 2007

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This is something I didnt do with my older two but as my wonderful next door tells me things change with your 3rd

However it seems that Daniel prefers it

I dont know why I made a barrier for his room (see previous post) he cried and cried until he was bright red in the face and thirsty as the first night and last night I didnt even make him go to his bed

So we are cosleeping and we even slept in this morning


4 Responses to “Co Sleeping”

  1. Murray Whittington

    Let daddy help and sort DJ out on the weekend….

  2. kate5kiwis

    you know, it took M5 until he was about five to stay in his own bed all night… and he still runs straight down the hall to us in the morning now. i think that kiddos are born attached to their mommas and it’s a good thing to let them separate slowly when they’re ready.
    i hope this comes across ok, of course there are many personality-factors thrown into the mix with each individual family X

  3. jenz

    I dont actually haver a problem with it Muzz

    I tend to agree with Kate “kiddos are born attached to their mommas”
    and it seems Daniel is a people person that attaches to his important people deeply – I dont think this can be a bad thing

    thanks Kate I agree with a lot of what you said
    never be afraid to tell me what you think

  4. Melany aka Supermom

    I co-slept with all three my boys and I’m still co-sleeping with Zander. From day 1. In hospital. Cot death is scary and horrible and something that is always in the back of every single mom’s mind I am sure. I don’t think a child has a bigger chance of cot death if he/she sleeps in his parents beds. Smothering a child or rolling onto him is not cot death. Cot death is a child dying from unknown causes. Babies are meant to sleep with their parents. In the beginning of the beginnings there were no separate rooms. Kids slept with their parents. Still here in our country, kids sleep with their parents Right from the start. Maybe that is why co-sleeping is so natural and common here

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