My Thoughts on Comments & Co Sleeping With Toddlers post 2

Posted On August 31, 2007

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There was a comment that made me realise something

How often do you NOT leave comments because you wonder how they will come across

now while I have had a few comments that have not been nice and I can reassure you these get deleted ASAP!!!

I LOVE comments and to know how you feel

Dont be scared

I wouldnt post something if I didnt want to hear what you thought and felt about it

Leave me comments



I dont actually have a problem with it.

I tend to agree with Kate “kiddos are born attached to their mommas”
and it seems Daniel is a people person that attaches to his important people deeply – I dont think this can be a bad thing can it???

We however arent all the same. It takes many many different people and their thoughts and feelings to become informed

I wanna know your thoughts and feelings on this matter

  • Have you done this with any of your children?

  • For how long?

  • Did you go to sleep at the same time as them?

  • Do you like it OR Not & why or why not????

Id be really interested in knowiong what you think about CO SLEEPING


16 Responses to “My Thoughts on Comments & Co Sleeping With Toddlers post 2”

  1. Amy

    The only thing I would be worried about would be if the parent accidentally rolled on the baby otherwise I really don’t have an opinion on it…

  2. Diane J.

    I don’t agree with cosleeping because I think it sets some bad precedents. It disturbs the parents’ sleep and sometimes the child’s as well. Also, there’s no privacy for the parents.

    Then, there’s much more separation anxiety for the child (and sometimes the parent as well!) when they have to be apart at bedtime for whatever reason.

    Also, it helps the child to develop independence and learn to go back to sleep by themselves when they wake up at night for some reason if they sleep in their own bed.

    If you think you have to be with the child until he goes to sleep, stay in his room/bed with him, instead of bringing him to your bed.

    It can be a battle of wills to make them sleep in their own beds/rooms, and if you keep giving in and letting them sleep with you, you’re sending them the message that if they cry or throw a fit long enough, you’ll give in. That makes them the boss, not you.

    Now, this being said, I also think it’s up to the parent and what they’re willing to put up with at bedtime. This is what I think and I’m not putting anybody down for doing anything else. These are my convictions and beliefs alone and I don’t mean to criticize you or anybody else for cosleeping.

    Anyway, that’s my thoughts, Jen.

    Love and hugs,


  3. Rhonda

    I tried it. But my kids were all over the bed, and the only ones sleeping were the two of them! So, that ended our cosleeping experiment. I have no issues with others who do it. I think its great bonding. But, it didn’t work for us šŸ™‚

  4. Hay

    Hey Jen :O)
    I am no parent of the year, so I don’t give out advice on anything except to say that I think you should always do what makes you and your child happy. I co-slept with Maddy from day one, she was a terrible baby and I would of never got any sleep. Ky was slightly better but still spent many a night snuggled in with mum. Den was miss independent from day one so wasn’t really into it. Nowadays little miss heads of to sleep and wakes early hours so I go in and we snuggle up on the bunk in her room and sleep soundly till morning. Shes happy and secure and I am getting sleep so its all good…FOR US. As for the 3 older ones they moved on to sleeping on their own when they were ready and no matter what mischief they get up to during the day, they always settle straight down to sleep without a fuss…so in our case there hasn’t been any long term effects of my indulging them lol.

  5. Susanne

    I never co-slept with any of my children. It’s a habit I didn’t want to develop and then have to go through breaking. We my youngest was in a regular bed sometimes she would get up and come to our room. Because I would get claustrophobic being sandwiched in between hubby and her, I just had a pillow and blankets set on the floor beside me and she was fine with that. Once hubby got up to go for work if she awoke then she crawled in with me.

  6. Sandra

    We co-sleep and we love it. After the first few weeks we put the baby right next to our bed (first a crib and then a railed bed this time, we’ll put her bed between us and the wall soon as she icnreases in mobility). It’s a really special thing if you enjoy it.

  7. omjorek

    I slept some with all of my babies. Now Simon is in a crib in our bedroom. He will stay there until he’s about a year old and then I’ll move him to another room. I have no problem with people who do co-sleep, I just can’t do it for long.

  8. And Miles To Go....

    I myself do not enjoy co sleeping because I am ALWAYS afraid of rolling over on the baby so I never fall into a deep sleep. I did cosleep with my second oldest son since he had bad gassiness as an infant but my husband made a contraption so I could not roll over on him–still didn’t like it. A few cosleeping deaths have recently occured in our area, so this issue has been in the news a lot lately in our area. The baby’s crib IS in our room up until about a year old. We have done that with all of our children consistently.

  9. Jan

    Hey Jen, We as so called civilized people do what isn’t accepted as normal practice for example the African’s and other people and like all the animal examples, keep their children right next to them until they become independent Mine started off in their won bed mostlly and then clambered in and sometimes as small babies when I got up to feed them, I just went off to sleep with them cuddled up on my arm where they were happy. I tried the cry for 10min bit etc and putting back to bed, but my kids needed me and should I be that hard. Anyway Jen they are 26 and 29 and guess what, they sleep in their own beds and I think they are reasonably caring well adjusted people who still love their parents. If wee DJ needs you at night, so what, he will be grown up soon enough.

  10. Murray Whittington

    good to know there are different mixed feelings, its a hard one to go by and you tend to ponder what to do, but its like owning a security blanket and we ALL grow up differently and have different choices, I agree with Rhonda with the Bonding part yes its good to know you love your children and they love you back, and I think it is BETTER than a lot of abused children which i happening all the time, if a bond is created its more relaxing and also it makes a parents job worth while knowing when they grow up they will be respectful to people otherwise they would be pig headed like some “children” who never had any discipline.

    Look at look at Price Charles he did it with his folks and mind you they had a prrrreeettttyyy big bed to have and he did it with his kids and Diana before she died and look at the boys now.

    The subject is a tricky and difficult thing to choose with but I ask WHAT WOULD GOD DO? if he didn’t agree with it he would be telling us off in another way but “GOD” is a loving person for who he is not WHAT he is, let us remember we all are made equally and differently in life that is why life is perfect in us in different ways for who we are NOT what we are.

  11. Connie Barris

    I think it is different for every family… whatever works..

    our family.. well,,, our kids slept (sleep) with us often…

    even my college daughter will crawl in the bed with her momma…

    our 12 year old… well it’s often that he crawls in the bed… soooo with that said…. he has been close to mom and dad all his life and I’m not going to change it…

    I was raised no way hose… not in the parents room… and I was traumatized by it… so I believe the opposite of course

    but this is my opinion…. to each their own…I don’t judge what others believe in

  12. Jana

    Interesting! I like hearing what all the parents say about this.

  13. Alice Teh

    Here I am leaving you a comment, Jen šŸ˜€

    When I was younger, I love to co-sleep with my mom. It gives me a sense of security and comfort. But right now, I prefer to hoard the bed just for myself. LOL.

    Have a good weekend, Jen!

  14. Christine

    I don’t have any strong feelings about other people doing it, but I personally don’t and wouldn’t want to. I like my sleep! I do think it’s pretty silly though when parents let their kids climb in bed with them night after night and then complain that they can’t get their kids to sleep in their own rooms! šŸ™‚

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