Encylopedia of Me C is for . . .

Posted On September 3, 2007

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Cappuccino coffee

I love coffee particularly the first one of the day and cappuccinos in a large bowl cup from a coffee cafe

cats collection

I have a collection of ordemental cats


I love chocolate. Who doesnt???


This is the church I go to. Although I was baptized in an open brethren church I attend an Anglican church. I kinda feels this goes back to my roots as my ancestors were Anglican. I also really like my church family here. As a matter of interest I take Daniel to the playgroup that is run by one of the open brethren churches in the area. Billy attends the youth group run by this church and I help out. To me denominations are man made and we are all brothers and sisters ion Christ.


I like my computer.  One of my main hobbies is blogging.


4 Responses to “Encylopedia of Me C is for . . .”

  1. Denise

    This is so cool.

  2. jenz

    thanks Denise

  3. jenny

    this is pretty cool! i like this encyclopedia thingy!

  4. Alice Teh

    I love your ornamental kitties, Jen! So pretty! And yes, COFFEE I love too!

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