Works For Me: The Brand-Loyal Edition

Posted On September 6, 2007

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I have found these to be the best nappies at an ok price.  I did use to use to buy cheaper nappies but Ive found these to be the best for day and night use.

We actually buy a lot of Pam products from their milk to their  jams to their frozen veges and so the list goes on

  • Our Peanut butter, Ricies and Cornflakes all are Sanitarium products.  Years ago when I was a young mum with one child I also went did a nightclass with Sanitarium on cooking – vegetarian cooking.  So not only do they sell good healthy food but they care about New Zealanders health and well being too.
  • Fab laundry powder conc we dont actually shop at the supermarket where I found this link. Nevertheless Fab can be used in cold water and you dont need a extra fabric softener its built in which saves me $$
  • Lastly I buy a lot of budget products which are put out by a company foodstuffs  while these are plainly packeted they in my opinion are just as good as any of the fancier packaged products.  Whats more they are cheaper and more economically and to me thats important.



4 Responses to “Works For Me: The Brand-Loyal Edition”

  1. Diane J.

    It’s always interesting to me to see the different brands and products you use compared to me here in the States. The only brand we also have here is the Fab laundry detergent.

    I buy a lot of “off” brands like your Budget brand, and I think most of them are just as good as the name brands for usually less money.

  2. jenz

    This was actually an interesting post to do too
    Unfortunately I have come across some picky people whom turn up their nose at the budget brand (like my daughter)there really isnt anything wrong with them at all
    thanks for your interest Diane

  3. Mike

    Interesting. Something to look into.


  4. Mary

    I agree with the first commenter…I think it’s so interesting that we have none of the brands you mention other than Fab detergent.

    I used Luvs diapers for my girls, and luvved them!
    I use Era laundry detergent, but prefer Tide and buy it when it’s on sale!
    Our store brands (the cheap brands) are Always Save and Best Choice, and they’re pretty good, but my favorite “cheap” brands are at Aldi stores here in the mid-west. I can buy almost everything on my list in these budget stores for a third less than I can in Wal Mart or other grocery stores. I don’t know what I’d do with out Aldis! And their goods are even better than the brand names that cost so much.

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