Abduction- Book Review

Posted On September 7, 2007

Filed under Christian Genre Challenge

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I have just finished my 5th book in this challengeab.gif

This was a real different genre for me I dont read a lot of Mystery/Suspense books but I would read more of them if they were as gripping as this one was. This is the story of a mothers struggle as she copes with first the disappearance of her tiny baby daughter then her husband. Her faith and her brother are what keep her strong as she undergoes this nightmarish time in her life. This is also the story of a psychic that is called in to help police with their investigations into who took not only the baby but many other little girls. The psychic knows a Christian lady and she has to decide how God feels about her psychic powers if she wants to become a Christian herself.


2 Responses to “Abduction- Book Review”

  1. Alice Teh

    This sounds interesting!

  2. jenz

    it was although I found it kinda written deeply? im not sure thats the right word but about 3/4 of the way through it it got VERY gripping

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