Encylopedia of Me J is for . . .

Posted On September 10, 2007

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I have brought most of these off TradeMe and am continuing to buy more. I have really only started wearing jewelery daily this last year.


9 Responses to “Encylopedia of Me J is for . . .”

  1. Denise

    I enjoy reading your answers.

  2. jenz

    bless you my friend

  3. kate5kiwis

    i’ve found that my thirties have been a wonderful voyage of self-discovery… and part of that for me is finding my jewellery muse… i wear such different stuff now than i did in my twenties 🙂
    i guess our choice of sparklies reveals our personality?? i’d like to think so….
    love seeing yours X

  4. Susanne

    Those are cute. I love the round turqoise necklace.

  5. jenz

    thanks Kate and Susanne

  6. Erin

    Oh fun! I love jewellry!! It’s one of my obsessions. Very pretty stuff you have there.

  7. Steph

    ohhh lovely jewelery! I find myself wearing jewelery in summer so Im looking forward to it

  8. jenz

    Its becoming that way for me too Erin 🙂

    thanks Steph wont be too long now yaye Im looking forward to it 🙂

  9. Alice Teh

    I am not a big fan of jewellery but they sure are pretty!

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