Remebering and Reaching Out

Posted On September 12, 2007

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This morning already I have been to tears. Its 7am. I started reading my usual bloggie friends posts and was so deeply moved.

As Alan Jackson says “I am not political” neither am I but when this happened it touched me too. Even though I live in New Zealand I cried too. I was one of those people who sat down with the TV turned on and cried. Even today if I shut my eyes and think about 9/11 I see the awful scenes that occurred that day.

In love I want to extend my hand to all those that were effected by this awful event. You maybe some one who knew one of the victims. Or you maybe an American who feared what was going to happen next. Or you maybe someone else.

God Bless you all.

May we never forget.

May we join together.

May we stand up and say no more.



6 Responses to “Remebering and Reaching Out”

  1. lauriekendrick


    Poignant…actually, that word doesn’t even do your post justice. I’m a wordsmith and I don’t think I know of a word or string of them that can aptly apply here.

    I remember the days events as they unfolded six years ago.

    As I entered the fourth hour of being glued to my TV, I was desperate to find something redeeming rise from the ashes of the WTC, the Pentagon and in that field in rural Pennsylvannia.

    I believe I saw the Phoenix…for a little while, anyway. I wanted to see it. I guess I “needed” to see it.

    Emotional salve for my emotional wounds.

    It should come as no surprise that the scar healed rough.

    I wrote about it in my blog, too.

    I’ll never forget the significance of September 11th.

    Then again, I can’t even see the date of November 22nd without thinking of a young idealistic president, his lovely First Lady, an easier, more innocent time and the cold, windy day in Dallas that seemed to stop time, progress and life as we knew it.


  2. Leticia

    Jen, thank you, in behalf of all Americans. We will never forget that tragic day. It changed the lives of every American citizen. We will always mourn this horrific day.

    I still can feel the tears welling up inside as I watch the footage unfold, once again.

  3. Denise

    Blessings to you my dear friend, we will never forget.

  4. Mary

    Thanks, Jen. That’s a day we’ll never forget. I actually turned the TV on that morning when I normally didn’t and saw it all happen in real time. No words. And today I got an email alerting me that a homeschooling friend in my local group just lost her son, an American soldier fighting in Iraq. I’m not against the war, but this whole thing is incredibly sad no matter how you look at it. Thank God for His promises…

  5. HsKubes

    Yes, may we never forget.
    Thank you for visiting me today.

    ~ Christina

  6. jenz

    thanks Laurie

    hugs Leti, Denise

    My prayers are with your friend Mary may she feel Gods love right now

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