Encylopedia of Me K is for . . .

Posted On September 13, 2007

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Kindergarten Teacher

I have ALWAYS known this is what I want to do eventually


Kitchens – Big Ones

I like BIG kitchens with plenty of bench space


My cousin had one of these when I was growing up. I use to love to play with it. I like the patterns they make.


5 Responses to “Encylopedia of Me K is for . . .”

  1. Steph

    Those kitchens!!! I want one! Any of them, I’m not fussy 😉

  2. Denise

    This is fun.

  3. kate5kiwis

    oh, and of course, K is for *katie* 🙂

  4. jenz

    Steph Im not fussy either I just like BIG kitchens

    of course Kate
    how could I forget the beautiful wonderful you

  5. Alice Teh

    My mom is nuts about BIG kitchens too. LOL. She does wonders there.

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