I got Tagged :)

Posted On September 15, 2007

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My friend Jenny tagged me

Q1: What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was living in Auckland again having left an abusive relationship with Billys Dad.  My daughter had started school.

Q2: What were you doing 1 year ago?

made my curtains

and also we were about to go through pure hell when Muzz was arrested on his birthday (the 28th) over false accusations my daughter threw at him.

Q3: What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

nuts, chips, chocolate, yogurt, bread – yes I snack on these last two sometimes snacks can be healthy
Q4: What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?

Amazing Grace

Thank you Jesus for loving me

Loads of kids songs  (does this not make it up to 5 now???? LOL)

Q5: 5 things you would do if you are a millionaire:

paid my debts

buy a chest freezer as well as other furniture and a nice house for them to go in

give a large donation to the church for the remodelling they are doing

buy a newer car  and a campavan

go to America to meet my bloggie friends

Q6: 5 bad habits:

yelling, scratching, biting my finger nails, not cleaning my teeth before bed, not washing the dishes as often as Muzz thinks I should. In his family they wash them after every meal. I prefer to wash them once a day while the dinner is cooking

Q7: 5 things you like to do:

Blogging, playing with little children at Daniels playgroup, reading, walking, spending time with my family and friends

Q8: 5 favorite toys:

computer, digi camera, TV, cant think of anymore

Q9: 5 things you would never wear:

mini dress,  skirt, shorts, knickerbockers, I dont like my legs

purple shoes saw a lady on TV with some on last night not really my thing

Q10: 5 things you hate to do:

house work, go up anywhere high in a building, I dont really like planes or walking across bridges particularly if they are high ones, and I would NEVER bungee jump


21 Responses to “I got Tagged :)”

  1. jenny

    i don’t think i’ll ever bungee jump too! those are great songs! Thanks for doing the tag Jen! I appreciate it!

  2. Denise

    I liked your answers.

  3. Alice Teh

    I like your answers too, Jen. I share same thoughts to Q9 too — you’ll possibly never catch me in short skirts. Ever.

  4. Amy

    I’m glad you’re out of that relationship Jen, Muzz is a gem and I’m glad you two are together 🙂

  5. liltoy

    A surog day

  6. takingthechallenge

    Hi Jen…looks like a fun meme!
    Just wanted you to know that I just awarded you the “You Make Me Smile” Award. Stop by my place and read all about it.

  7. Leticia

    Q1: What were you doing 10 years ago? Surviving an abuse relationship.

    Q2: What were you doing 1 year ago? Started a new job.

    Q3: What are 5 snacks you enjoy? Chocolate, sun flower seeds, popcorn and lattes

    Q4: What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to? Hmm…I can’t remember titles, hee.

    Q5: 5 things you would do if you are a millionaire: Give to my church, pay off all of my debts, buy a new home, buy new car, invest it.

    Q6: 5 bad habits: Yelling at my hubby and kids when they don’t tidy up, road rage, procrastinating my exercising, buying DVD’s online, buying books online.

    Q7: 5 things you like to do: Talk to God, reading, watching movies, talking to my mom everyday, read bible stories to my boys.

    Q8: 5 favorite toys: Toys? Okay….my computer, hmm..I don’t know.

    Q9: 5 things you would never wear: Short dresses, short skirts, short shorts, spiked heels, blue eyeshadow.

    Q10: 5 things you hate to do: Cleaning house, driving long distances, getting up in the morning, cooking, flat iron my hair.

    This was fun!

  8. Alice Teh

    Hi Jen, I hope all is OK with you. I miss your blog (I don’t see any entries for the last few days…) Have a good weekend!

  9. Linda C

    No bungeeing here, either! Fun meme.

  10. Barbara H.

    Just popping in — I haven’t seen any new entries here and your comments on my blog show a different name but no blog link — wasn’t sure if you’ve started a new one or what.

  11. Erin

    Hope you’re doing well. Miss you around.

  12. Debbie

    Hey Jen
    This looked like a fun one so I am tagging myself! I will post it tomorrow when I get a minute to do so. For now it is late here and I am off to sleep!

  13. Toni

    My legs too, Jen. I’ve seen better legs in a bucket of chicken, lol.

  14. Connie Barris

    oh how neat.. I haven’t heard the word knickerbockers in forever… I had to laugh out loud…

    and I’m there with you.. never would I bungee jump….


  15. mrs.diamond

    Hey friend. Just stopping by to say hi since I haven’t bloghopped in soo long! lol

  16. Gen

    Hi Jen,

    I see you too have not blogged in along time – then I guess I dont feel so guilty. My bestest friends have moved to NZ, they actually flew out on the 12th November! We too are thinking of going over there!!!

    Anyway, I hope you are well and I hope to see you around blog land again real soon.

    Take Care

  17. Val

    I love learning more about you.

  18. Val

    jen, is this your latest post? hope you’re ok….. xo

  19. Jenny

    Great questions and great answers. I’ll have to do this on my blog sometime.

  20. mrs. diamond

    I haven’t been by in ever so long! THought I’d say hello!

  21. Melissa Kennedy z

    The readings basically said that big changes were on the horizon and that things would never be the same.

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