Abduction- Book Review

Posted On September 7, 2007

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I have just finished my 5th book in this challengeab.gif

This was a real different genre for me I dont read a lot of Mystery/Suspense books but I would read more of them if they were as gripping as this one was. This is the story of a mothers struggle as she copes with first the disappearance of her tiny baby daughter then her husband. Her faith and her brother are what keep her strong as she undergoes this nightmarish time in her life. This is also the story of a psychic that is called in to help police with their investigations into who took not only the baby but many other little girls. The psychic knows a Christian lady and she has to decide how God feels about her psychic powers if she wants to become a Christian herself.


Dark Blue – Book Review

Posted On August 24, 2007

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I have just finished my 4th book in this challenge


I found this book laid the foundations of whom the characters are well. It made me think of my own school days and stuff I went through. It made me realize how much breaking up with ones best friend can be as hard as breaking up with a boyfriend (for some people anyway). Just as I was questioning where God was in this book He showed up 🙂 I would say I enjoyed the book much more after that. Not that the beginning was bad – it just didnt have God as a main character in the beginning. I loved how the boy whom introduced the main character to God as his best friend. Later she in turn was able to do the same. Arent we blessed that God can be our best friend. Is God your best friend???

More of My Book Choices for the Christian Genre Challenge

Posted On August 17, 2007

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Christian life — Fiction

dark blue – Melody Carlson


Christian women — Fiction

The yada yada prayer group Neta Jackson


Abused women — Christian fiction

Why is the Sky Blue – Susan Meissner


Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy/Christian fiction

Soon : the beginning of the end Jerry Jenkins.


Lessons I Learnt In The Light – Book Review

Posted On August 17, 2007

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have just fisnished my 3rd book ion this challengecgchallenge07.jpg I seem to be motoring through these books faster than I thought I would and Im enjoying them t00. Today I went to the library and got some more to add to the books I plan to read before the end of this challenge.

Anyway I have just finished reading this book1590526562-small.jpgThis is book 2 in a series. I read the first one just days before the challenge started I couldnt wait. These books are about this author’s life. She is blind and she leans on God. He shows her the way through his Word. I like how Jennifer writes. She shares a story about her life then cleverly links it to a lesson she has learnt from God and backs it up with scripture. Whether you can physically see here on earth or not God can shine a light upon your path through life.

Hero Tales – Book Review

cgchallenge07.jpgIve finished reading my second book in this Challenge

1248.jpg Hero Tales Book 1 Dave and Neta Jackson

This great book told true stories about the lives of Christian Heroes of the past. It was set out well. The first chapter about each hero was a summary of their life. The second and subsequent chapters told stories about their life. After each of these chapters there is a definition about the characteristic of that person. Then there is a bible verse and some questions to do with that chapter.

I had to laugh when I read about William Tyndale. He is the man that gave us the English bible. Before that the bible was only written in Latin. The archbishop reckoned that it should have been translated by a scholar not a priest. He sold up all the bibles and burnt them. However, what the archbishop forgot was that books sold in shops have a royality attached to them. Thus when Humphrey Monmouth a friend of William’s and shipping merchant produced bags and bags of coins and declared “Ha, ha-ho, ho,” “This is your share of the money from all the books that the archbishop bought – enough for an even larger printing!” (Jackson, 1996, page 172) As William Tyndale said “No one can stop God . . .” (Jackson, 1996, page 172) God has a sense of humour. Im sure He was smiling too. He has been able to have so many more people come to Him since the Bible has been translated into English.

Where are You Going???

Posted On August 8, 2007

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cgchallenge07.jpgIve finished reading my first book in this Challenge

sujobook.jpgThis true story is about a mans escape from the twin towers when it was attacked on September 11 2001. But it is so much more than that. In this book the writer poses the question “Where are you going?”

He starts his story exploring his birth, childhood and young adult life.  He hadnt been in America long before the tragic day occurred.  He was questioning whether moving to America had been wise as he wasnt feeling much purpose with being there.

The 2nd half the story poses the question and explores why one should know where one is going in the long term.  Life is short and none of us know when our lives will end.  It also tells us how God can use us and how He changed this mans life.

A very readable and interesting book.

to learn more about this author, Christian and survivor of the 911 tragedy read here

A week ago I won a book it arrived!! :) :)

Last Monday I won this book

It arrived on Saturday in the mail.

51qec70jr9l_aa240_.jpg CANT WAIT TO READ IT!!! Thanks again MamaBright

My Book Choices for the Christian Genre Challenge

Posted On July 27, 2007

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click on the picture above to link

Just 5 days to go I cant wait!!!


Do you know where you are going? : one man’s story of September 11 and the saving grace of Jesus Christ by Sujo John.


Christian LivingLessons I learned in the light by Jennifer Rothschild.


Christian biography — Juvenile literature
Hero tales : a family treasury of true stories from the lives of Christian heroes : volume I by Dave & Neta Jackson.

Christian fiction

Her daddy’s eyes / Gary E. Parker.


Mystery/Suspense/Christian Fiction
Abduction by Wanda L. Dyson


Historical/Christian Fiction

Bygones by kim Vogel Sawyer


I WON!!!! :) :) :)

On 10th of July I entered a competition never expecting to win. I dont usually win anything. This morning I went over to the competition site to see who the blessed person was. My eyes nearly popped out of head. I couldnt believe what I was seeing – it was my name.


Thanks so much MamaBright 🙂

Im going to add to my list of books to read when I take part in this challenge

Spoilt for Choice – BOOKS BOOKS and more BOOKS

Today I stumbled across a new challenge

I have often wished the book challenges werent season specific as they seem to be – I couldnt really do The Spring Reading Challenge as much as I wanted to.  Its not Spring here!!!!  Quite the opposite in fact you blessed people.  Today has been cold and raining 😦

What I have found excites me.  I so wish I didnt have to wait until August to take part.

This is what I found


click on the picture to link

For this challenge

you  choose 3-5 books

 one per Genre (see here)

and then between August 1st – December 31st, 2007 you read them 🙂

Ive browsed my local library on line and Im spoilt for choice.  I could read for years all the books Ive short listed and as they are in the library it wont cost me a cent 🙂

Go sign up now and join me between  August 1st – December 31st, 2007 reading great books about our faith 🙂  🙂  🙂