Rocking Again, What I Got in the Mailbox and A Day to Myself Tomorrow

rgb.jpeg I got awarded again 🙂 from Jana such a special friend of mine

What I Got in the Mailbox This Week

My 2 prizes from the dogdays.jpg arrived


thanks Paige and Revka

The same week that the Dog Days were happening I also entered and won this. It too arrived in the mailbox this week. Thanks Boo Mama


A Day to Myself Tomorrow

Tomorrow Muzz is going to have Daniel for the day tomorrow from 10am until sometime Saturday. I dont know what I will do it has been AGES since I had a day to myself. And has anyone got any tips on how to get a sleep in Saturday morning???? I am SO use to waking early with Daniel. BTW when I told Daniel he was going to Daddy’s, Nan’s and Poppas tomorrow he got excited too 🙂


Blog Visiting Pays Off

Posted On July 28, 2007

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Were you part of this at the beginning of the weekdogdays.jpg

I spent a couple of days crazily going from blog to blog entering competition after competition it was CRAZY!!!! There were over 500 generous participants but it was fun and worth while

There is something very special about being part of something like this.  When the whole (or a large majority of it at least) of the blogging world gets together and becomes united over an event like this one or the The Ultimate Blogging Party that these wonderful ladies put on earlier in the year.  It is crazy getting involved with these events but oh so much fun.

Why was it so worth while for me??? Well I visited all of the generous participants and entered where I was able.  And guess what???

Yes, Im sure youre going to know what Im going to tell you.  Oh I am so excited!!!


I won this very cute beanie baby called Princess  princess-baby.jpg from Super Paige’s Pad


A CD, He Giveth More Grace. From the very talented Revka at The Porch Light this CD features 17 hymn arrangements, played on the piano, six of which are her very own. Songs include Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, And Can It Be?, Were You There?, I Surrender All, He Giveth More Grace, and twelve other selections. Here is a small sample for your listening pleasure: I Surrender All.

Thanks so much ladies .  I cant wait to give Princess a cuddle and listen to the CD 🙂