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Posted On September 15, 2007

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Im a SAHM of 2 wonderful boys
545pm1.jpg dsc02530.jpg



some of my all time favorites are:-

Aguilera Christina

Billy Joel/Bee Gees

Cliff Richard/Carpenters

Bob Dylan

Elton John

Amy Grant

Hill Song
ohn Denver
ionel Ritchie
Mercy Me
Neil Diamond

Pink Floyd
Rod Stewart/Robbie Williams

Sixpence and None the Wiser
aylor James/Trans Siberia Orchestra/Tina Turner
atoto Childrens Choir


This is the month of my birthday



The Faraday Centre Hawke’s Bay – East Coast Museum of Technology and Science Centre


Hawkes Bay Museum



daniels-new-desk4.jpg dsc02007.JPG daddy-and-daniel-playing-1.jpg daddy-and-daniel-playing-with-ball-6.jpg bed.jpg 745-pm.jpg



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Posted On September 14, 2007

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I can get into a library and forget all about the time. I can also spend hours in a library


I got my first driving licence when I was 17 after many months of driving lessons through a driving school which I paid for with some of the $$ I got from my first full time job. I LOVE driving.


Billy and I like eating lemons like any other fruit. Just eating it. This grosses Muzz out. I also like making lemonade


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Posted On September 13, 2007

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Kindergarten Teacher

I have ALWAYS known this is what I want to do eventually


Kitchens – Big Ones

I like BIG kitchens with plenty of bench space


My cousin had one of these when I was growing up. I use to love to play with it. I like the patterns they make.

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Posted On September 10, 2007

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I have brought most of these off TradeMe and am continuing to buy more. I have really only started wearing jewelery daily this last year.

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Posted On September 9, 2007

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I found “I” hard until I found this meme within a meme so Im going to use the questions too. Thanks to Creative Little Daisy where I got it from.


I am: a 37 year old sahm with a loving partner and 2 wonderful boys. I am a New Zealander

I want: to not be in pain my face still hurts a bit off to take a pain killer

I hate: Hate is such a strong word, so I really don’t like: people whom dont treat others as they would like them to treat them. This comes from many life experiences I have undergone and also I think my first ever memory verse (Luke 6:31) I self learnt as a child (because I liked it. Someone gave me a picture in a frame with it on). It must be noted this occurred within me when I wasnt even a Christian but was seeking even though I grew up in a unbelieving household.

I miss: my sister she lives many hours away with her family

I fear: heights

I hear: my boys (all 3 of them Muzz included) walking around

I wonder: what today holds install

I regret: not much Im pretty content with my life 🙂

I am not: feeling 100% better but Im better than yesterday

I dance: at playgroup especially when leading the children in singing time

I sing: often I like to sing Im not sure whether its so nice for the people around me though LOL 🙂

I cry: easily when finishing a sad story or watching a sad dvd

I am not always: blowing my nose but I suppose it gets rid of the gunk in my nose

I make things with my hands: that are creative for preschoolers

I write: and enjoy it

I confuse: Muzz sometimes when hes not listening very well (hes 80% deaf)

I need: to rest again today.  I also wonder whether this meme would be different if I did it on a different day when I arent getting over a cold 🙂

I should: continue my walking I think its a testamony to feeling a bit better already

I start: a project/doing something and usually finish it.  Im quite a determined person 

I finish: the day by reading my book in bed 🙂

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Posted On September 8, 2007

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Historical Houses

I have always liked the 1900’s particularly the houses both inside and out.  This could have stemed from watching Upstairs Downstairs when I was a girl.  Once I use to think Id like to be a fine lady leaving in that time however due to more research its more likely I would have been a maid.  However this would have caused me problems too – once when I was a girl I visited one of the historic houses in Auckland and got stuck.  I was half way up the very steep high steps on my way to look at the maids sleeping quarters and because of my fear of heights I got stuck I couldnt go up nor down.  My father had to talk me down.

Hawkes Bay

I LOVE living here in the Bay.  We have been here 2 1/2 years.  Muzz has lived here all his life.  I love the fact that its both rural and townish.


This is what my throat and face are doing this morning.


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Posted On September 6, 2007

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To able to eat fish of any sort I have to KNOW its well scaled and boned. When I was a child I witnessed my favorite cousin chocking on a fish bone. He thank goodness was ok. I was left with this fear of fish.



Can you see how my 2nd finger is bent. This is an heredity trait. My father has a finger just like it.


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Posted On September 5, 2007

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My favorite subject has always been English. I even went back a year after leaving high school and did a night course and got my 6th Form certificate in English.


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Posted On September 4, 2007

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My little man 🙂 whose nearly 2 🙂

Defeating Depression

I have coped with depression for years. Both “normal” depression and post-natal after having the children. I still have my up and downs but with support, love, mediation and God I like to look at myself as a person who is defeating it 🙂


When I was a toddler I was knocked over by a dog whom had come on to our section. I dont know what sort of dog it was. I also dont know if it was barking but ever seen then unless I know the dog well and it doesnt bark its head off I am scared of them.

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Posted On September 3, 2007

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Cappuccino coffee

I love coffee particularly the first one of the day and cappuccinos in a large bowl cup from a coffee cafe

cats collection

I have a collection of ordemental cats


I love chocolate. Who doesnt???


This is the church I go to. Although I was baptized in an open brethren church I attend an Anglican church. I kinda feels this goes back to my roots as my ancestors were Anglican. I also really like my church family here. As a matter of interest I take Daniel to the playgroup that is run by one of the open brethren churches in the area. Billy attends the youth group run by this church and I help out. To me denominations are man made and we are all brothers and sisters ion Christ.


I like my computer.  One of my main hobbies is blogging.

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