My Weekend & Walking A Mile In My Shoes….

Posted On September 3, 2007

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In the morning I took the boys to the shops. We got a photo developed and framed for Fathers Day which was yesterday.

In the afternoon we had hair cuts even Daniel got a number 4

Saturday night Billy went to a youth group sleepover you can read about that more here


I went to the early church service so I could pick Billy up from the sleepover. Most of the mothers were picking their children up at that time so I thought it would be fairer to pick Billy up then than later in the morning as we did the option of doing.

In the afternoon we went over to our wonderful next door neighbors and helped them celebrate their daughters 5th birthday. And since it was Fathers Day the dads got a cake too 🙂

One of my bloggie friends is interested in what shoes we wear. Apparently you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes.

These are my comfortable sandals


These are my walking shoes (which I wear most days as well – I walk most days)



these shoes use to belong to a nurse i brought these shoes because i know nurses spend a lot of time on thir feet so i knew theyd be comfy for walking in.  Guess you could draw conclusions about me from this tidbit of info???

So what do your shoes look like?


Posted On September 2, 2007

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Bless Muzz for babysitting Daniel last night

while I went down to help at youth group

they had a sleep over and I helped supervise the children while we watched videos and ate popcorn

It was a good evening

wonder how much sleep they all got???

My Weekend

Posted On August 20, 2007

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Well it was lovely waking up this morning – for the first time ever Daniel came out of his bedroom happy this morning. He usually cries hard 1st thing in the morning. He was happy 🙂

It was a quiet morning, then after lunch I took Billy to a local church. Some of the churches in the area got together and the youth groups had a Scavenger Hunt

While he was gone Daniel and I had a walk. Later I got the washing in off the line and got stung by a 59396660_6c0355b9a9_b.jpg

I have never been stung by one (a wasp) before. I rushed over to my wonderful next door neighbours. I use to be highly
allergic to bees when I was a girl. She gave me an antihistamine tablet and told me Id be fine. Which I was. But I checked all the washing before I took off anymore off the line!!!


Church followed after lunch by a walk to the shops and back.  I took the boys plus a friend of Billys from church.  They grumbled all the way back as I apparently forced them to come with me and they had no time to play with the play station.   Poor things.  I asked if they wanted to come and they jumped at the chance.  Then the friends mum came and picked him up and we had a lovely conversation and cuppa.  While I was away Muzz fixed the lights in the kitchen they werent working – old brittle and had it.   Thanks Muzz love ya

I also joined a walking club at church off to do my first walk with them this morning 🙂

Proudly Presenting a Great New Zealand Blog that I was Featured On

Posted On August 14, 2007

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Recently I found this GREAT New Zealand Blog. It is fun by a neat lady and features some great stuff about New Zealand. Its still quite new but Im connecting with some great New Zealand bloggers and there are some WONDERFUL crafty New Zealanders with blogs. I occasionally do get crafty and I love having new friends.

If you want to read read my interview its here 🙂

My Weekend

Posted On August 13, 2007

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After I dropped Daniel off with Muzz I went home and cleaned up the car. There will be photos tomorrow as I decided 1/2 way through it was a tackle it Tuesday. After I cleaned up the car I made a pressie for the next door neighbours little girl. I found these items in the car. I knew shed love them.



I had a coffee with her Mum. Which we hadnt done for ages. Then I went home and emailed a whole lot of photos to her 21 year old son. All too soon it was time to get Billy from school.

Friday evening I spent listening to music and singing. I had a good time but was late too bed. I would suffer for this a bit on Saturday afternoon for a little while.


I woke up and realized not only was on my own. Daniel usually co-sleeps with me half way thought the night. I hadnt gotten up all night and it was 7.30am not 5.30 or 6. I did as it had been suggested and gotten a coffee and breakie and gone back to bed. There I finished my 2nd book in the Christain Genre Challenge look out for the book review on Wednsday.

I finally got up tidied my room, had a shower and there I had a light bulb moment. I spent some time writing a letter to my sister and her family. I had invited them to view the house posts but they couldnt as they have installed an internet children minder. So I wrote them this letter cutting and sticking photos for them. I am praying that we start writing letters regularly to each other. They are all home schooled and I am praying they use the letter writing exercise as part of their home schooling from time to time.

The rest of the day was quiet. Muzz brought Daniel home along with a whole lot of veges and 2 chickens. Bless you Muzzy and thank you.


Church followed by lunch at McDs

went for a walk in the afternoon cross country over some fields, through a school and followed the railway line home took 49 minutes and got rained on so came home and had a nice warm shower. Was only able to shower after growling at Billy. He went looking for me. He didnt ask. He just went. He knows much better than that. As I got home from my walk the phone rang and it was Billy ringing from the diary. Told him to get his behind home quick smart. So hes grounded. No youth group for him last night. And Muzz was taking it – dissecting a computer. Proved to be extremely successful.  He also picked up a bed for Daniel off a friend at church.

While Muzz was gone and for some of the afternoon I enjoyed looking at some more music clips from Utube.  After Muzz went to youth group Daniel was missing his daddy so we looked at childrens clips together.  Daniel likes the Wiggles, meercats, and Bananas In PJs 🙂

Rocking Again, What I Got in the Mailbox and A Day to Myself Tomorrow

rgb.jpeg I got awarded again 🙂 from Jana such a special friend of mine

What I Got in the Mailbox This Week

My 2 prizes from the dogdays.jpg arrived


thanks Paige and Revka

The same week that the Dog Days were happening I also entered and won this. It too arrived in the mailbox this week. Thanks Boo Mama


A Day to Myself Tomorrow

Tomorrow Muzz is going to have Daniel for the day tomorrow from 10am until sometime Saturday. I dont know what I will do it has been AGES since I had a day to myself. And has anyone got any tips on how to get a sleep in Saturday morning???? I am SO use to waking early with Daniel. BTW when I told Daniel he was going to Daddy’s, Nan’s and Poppas tomorrow he got excited too 🙂

Awards and Meme Catch Up and some EXCELLENT news

Posted On July 30, 2007

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Ages ago I was given this awardschmooze_bmp.jpg

and I neglected it Im so sori thanks so much Bridget please forgive me

This is what qualifies one for getting this award
“As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello – all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.”


I got tagged by Erin. I’m supposed to answer these 5 questions and then make up 5 of my own and tag 5 people.

My questions:
1. If you could live ANY one place in the world where would it be and why would you choose that destination?

I would stay right where I am. I love the Bay. I would however live in a nicer house with a garage.

I believe New Zealand is not only a beautiful country but also one of the safer countries in the world.

2. Are you doing what you thought you’d be doing in life and if not, where did you think you’d be or what did you think you’d be doing at this time of your life?

I never believed Id have another child. I always wanted another one. Just didnt think Id have one. I was on my own for 7 years. I thought Id be in Hamilton teaching with my 2 older kids.

3. Are you an optimist or a pessimist (for the most part)?

I try to be a optimist

4. What would be your dream job?

teaching preschool children and it will happen one day. However I love being a sahmummy right now 🙂

5. And a fun one…if you were a paint color what would you be called (you know how paint has lots of fun/weird names)?




Last week Jana also tagged me the rascal LOL

I dont really like moaning I much prefer to focus on the positive but I can do that after this


4 things that should go into room 101 and be removed from the face of the earth:

  • Any act that is carried out with the aim of bringing harm to another person
  • crudeness and rudeness
  • ants especially in the summer time in my house
  • pickled onions yukkkk

3 things people do that make you want to shake them violently:

  • When people are violent to children. As I have said before some people just dont deserve to be anywhere near children. In the news this week there have been another 2 very sad cases. I dont think that actually shaking them violently would do a hang of a lot of good but nevertheless.
  • I would love if my landlord did the stuff he said hed do
  • Tailgating. I find this behavior dangerous

2 things you find yourself moaning about.

  • when Billy packs a moody because he doesnt want to do his homework. Gotta do it might as well just get on and do it. Then we can both do something exciting
  • kids touching my stuff

1 thing the above answers tell you about yourself:

I found this incredibly hard to do. I guess Im not really a moaner. Dont know what do you think???

Link to the original meme at so people know what it’s all about!
Be as honest as possible. This is about letting people get to know the real you!
Try not to insult anyone – unless they really deserve it or are very, very ugly!
Post these rules at the end of every meme!



Do you recall when I had my fall about a month ago

Well a few weeks ago I decided the landlord wasnt going to do anything.  And I didnt want to repeat the performance nor have anyone else doing it either.  I decided it was down right dangerous and if the landlord wasnt going to do anything I was!!!   I reckon he was lucky to get away with just a reduced rent.  If Id have broken my cheeck bone or foot he probably would have faced a hell of a lot more worries.

This is what I got a reccommended tradesman to do


And the landlords reaction????

NOTHING even though I sent him a letter telling him what Id done and reduced my rent for a week

Republishing my thoughts and feelings about punishing our children

Posted On July 17, 2007

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I first published my thoughts and feelings about this last week. However, as it was part of a much wider and bigger post I am uncertain how many people saw it and I would like your feedback.


One of my bloggie friends wrote “I can think of many times when I have withheld punishment on my own children in public because of what I thought others would think of me”


As I pointed out to her she is a good mum. I think we are forced to sometimes withhold punishment. I feel we are drawn to do this because of the way the government makes the laws. And how busy bodies feel it is their duty to interfere with a “normal” parent/child interaction. These busy bodies could even be our own children. Whom are resentful for the way they have been parented.


I don’t feel it is right that governments should dictate how we parent our children. Most parents love caring and sensitive to their children’s well being but we are put in a position of being scared about what we can and cannot do because of the law of the land.


I know only too well how our reputations can get tarnished in a blink of an eye. We can be accused of not parenting our children the way some people think we should far too easily and quickly. There has been some discussion over the fact that by correcting our children in public we may be drawing a spectacle of ourselves or them. I don’t think that correcting our children in public however is making a spectacle. If anything it would be our children that would be doing that. They would getting punished because of throwing a patty, or committing a misdemeanor. These activities can not usually be done in a quiet way by a toddler or child. While I do believe in correcting children when they misbehave I also firmly do not believe in shaming children in public. All that does is humiliate them and that teaches them nothing at all. I feel that what should be done is the child should be taken somewhere private and dealt with immediately.


I think with the government (talking about the New Zealand government as I don’t know much about other countries ones) and their laws regarding what a parent is allowed and not allowed to do with their children causes a lot of us to now raise our children in fear. We should be allowed to punish our own children (within reasonable limits) as we see fit. As an aside note it does grieve me to read and hear about some people (whom shouldn’t be parents) abuse their children. But the normal parent wouldn’t do that yet we can’t punish our children without being fearful of the consequences. If we are viewed to be over stepping the mark and may I add is there even a mark these days then we could face our children being taken away from us. In New Zealand even time out is viewed as kidnapping.


However, I fear this will all lead to a generation that have no respect for their elders. To a generation that are not well-behaved and have no self-control. Contrary to what some people believe (even ministers) I do believe that God expects us to punish and correct our children when they misbehave. God’s word says “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” the rod can be an actual smack or our rods of suitable punishment. But it comes back to the original statement can we actually do this because of the way we may be viewed by others???


I do not think that punishing our children in public is “airing ones laundry.” I think that if a child is misbehaving anywhere the parent should have the right to punish and correct that child right there and then. This does not mean I would smack my child in a shop but even taking it to a more private place in a public place may be seen as incorrect. However, for some children to “wait until you get home” lessens the impact of what they have done. And I for one will not stand aside while my child misbehaves. To do so only asks for more trouble. God corrects us because He loves us. I love my children therefore I punish and correct them when they do wrong. But deep within me is that fear of how it may be viewed. What the consequences may be (to my family and I) if I simply correct my child in a public place. Any place really if someone views how I am raising my children as not correct in their eyes.


What do you think and feel about this???

The Weekend in Review

Posted On July 16, 2007

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Today Billy went with our wonderful next door neighbors to see the stage play of Aladdin put on the children Operatic Theater School.


While he was gone Muzz, Daniel and I went to see Muzz parents. Daniel had heaps of fun over there. He climbed Poppas ladder in his garage. He played with the ball Poppa has strung up in the garage so he doesnt drive his car to far into the garage. Daniel enjoyed running around their front yard and wanted more and more wheelbarrow rides from Daddy.


We had KFC for dinner. Then our wonderful next door neighbours came over and we ll watched Sponge-Bob on TV. While enjoying wine, fizzy, and chippies and popcorn (the food provided by the generous Billy himself 🙂 )



This morning I was up with the birds. Vacuuming the remains of the popcorn off the lounge floor. Then I sorted Daniels toys into 2 groups. He has far too many toys. So I have decided to allow him to play with one set one month and the other lot the next month.

After breakfast I organized the laundry for the washing machine Muzz’s sister is giving to me. Muzz mowed the lawns. With can you believe it !!!! Our new 2nd hand mower the landlord got us. When you have picked yourself up off the floor from shock. Yes its true!! Our slack landlord actually got us a new lawn mower the old one died.



Billy got to see what my busy busy Thursdays are like

Posted On July 5, 2007

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Billy knows Thursdays are the busiest day of my week.  Today he got to experience what my Thursdays are like.  I follow the same routine on Thursdays.

On Thursdays I load up the car and usually drop Billy off at school.  Then I go and buy my power for the week.  We have a prepaid system I like it.  You dont get hit with a big bill at the end of the month.  Today Daniel got a stamp on the hand from the nice post office lady where we go to pay for the power.  He proudly showed Billy.


Then we go to the laundromat and unload the weeks washing from the car and set it washing.  My washing machine broken down ages ago but I like using the laundromat I can wash our weeks washing in 1/2 an hour using 4 machines try to beat that if you can using a normal washing machine at home.  Today the lady whom owns the laundromat asked me to move my car.  As a regular customer whom owes a van and brings washing from some place maybe like a hospital wanted to pull into the area where we are able to temporarily park our vehicles .  I wasnt actually so much in the way as was the car behind me.  They didnt seem to be moving.  I moved my car forward a bit the lady (whom owns the shop)  came out of the laundromat and told me I couldnt park there.  That it would put customers off.  What the heck am I???? A customer or what?  Grant it was right in front of the shop door.  But as I told her where else could I park and I was only going to be there a minute while I put the coins into the washing machines.  She agreed.  I was angry inside.


After the washing is set doing its thing I go over to the supermarket and do my weeks grocery shopping.


Then I go back pick up the washed clothes.  Boy those baskets of washing are HEAVY now!! I must point out that the shop owner did redeem herself in eyes a little.  One of my loads hadnt rinsed properly and she did allow me to rinse it again for free.

Once home I give Daniel his lunch, put the groceries away and hang the washing on the line.


After all this completed I collapse sit onto the  couch and have my lunch.

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