Billy was on the radio today

Posted On August 22, 2007

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A local area radio station are making 60-minute programmes that involved primary school groups. This morning Billys school were involved. Billy is part of the media team at school and the group have been working hard and today had their chance to hit the airwaves. I helped with transport and then watched some of it. However, I took Daniel with us (next time I would leave him with his daddy) he was a bit noisy and we ended up having to leave the room.

I took him into another room which happened to have a radio I was able to listen still. I darted in when the music was going which the school provided for the hour (parents cds) and took photos.

It was really good and as the principal said its neat having a small school as a lot more of the children get to have a turn at things.


The End of the House Story

Posted On August 7, 2007

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Newspaper article

It seemed everyone knew who sold it. I didnt so. I asked Muzz’s dad. It turns out that Mr Simmons is a lifetime resident of the Hawkes Bay, a millionaire and a land developer. I also heard a rumor from another source that he was coming off the expressway when he decided to go and buy it.

Yesterday afternoon we went back with amazing timing on our part and saw the truckies preparing to take it away. They took it off the boggy grass parked it in the carpark. This took some doing.

4 Days to Build a House – Raising $$ for the Hawkes Bay Hospice

Posted On August 6, 2007

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Last Thursday

6am 30 top quality builders started building a house.

I got to go and have a look at midday (6 hours after they had started).

Amazing isnt it. I did ask myself why it usually takes so long. Then I quickly reflected upon the fact that one doesnt not usually have 30 builders doing it. The other thing that I heard was that the electrician is already in their working too.

After I picked up Billy from school we went and had another look. See the 4 pm shots.

Billy went to band practise tonight on the way home we had another look see 8pm shots. They have 2 more hours to do tonight. Long day 6am to 10pm.

I want to draw your attention to this guy Hes on silts to paint the ceiling



Today I gave Billy the day off school as this was painting day. They did a LOT of preparation before they painted. They also made decks. We caught a few glimpses of the inside of the house. When they finally did paint boy did they go fast. Faster than I had imagined. I guess everyone would like to have a spray gun like they had 🙂 We watched a man getting interviewed and just as we were leaving for the day we also saw a lady getting interviewed on top of the radio truck. The boys got photographed it may be the local paper on Wednesday. We stayed from 9 am till 3.30 pm today. Although the day started off rainy it fined up later in the day. Muzz took Billy to stay with him for the night 🙂

did you know that if you put your mouse over one of the photos there is a description


Saturday Morning

A New Zealand celebrity builder was there for some of the morning. John “Cocksy” Cocks is a builder for over 15 years, he has been TV programmes like My home My castle and works and promotes Carters

He helped make a playhouse. Mid morning he went off to one of the Carter Stores.

The newish Hawkes Bay duck arrived. This is an amphibious vehicle/vessel that is designed to go on land and water. There were also a lot more food vendors today. Everyone is gearing up for the final day tomorrow.

NB:- At its peak there were 85 builders going for it on the main house. A house like this would normally take 5 weeks with 2 or 3 builders to complete.

Watched a video on a TV that is being donated with the house of the building from Thursday morning till today. Interesting especially what I had missed by the time I got there on Thursday lunchtime. Its amazing what these guys are doing. They are really going for it!!!

Raining and cold this avo.

But wheres theres a will theres a way. They started building in one of the tents. This is one of the walls of the playhouse. The playhouse is going to be in a raffle that will drawn before the main auction tomorrow. It is a replica of the main house and comes complete with pink batts and electricity.


Inside the main house itself there has been wall papering, painting, plumbing and lino laying going on. I cant wait till tomorrow they are going to have an open home.

Tonight Muzz came over and we went over and had another look


Billy and I were up bright and early this morning.  We packed a picnic lunch and left Muzz and Daniel for the day.  We went back to the house.  When we arrived there were cleaning ladies in the house.

We lined up waiting to be allowed to in to the house to have a look.  We were 2nd in line but had to wait for an hour and a half.  While we were waiting Billy  had his photo taken with Cocksy  Later we got his autograph.  Poor billy found it hard to wait for the time we could finally go in.  He had a lie in the sun while he waited.  We had to wait while the cleaning ladies finished, the builders put their ads up and the local football team had a look and had their photos taken etc.  Finally they allowed us in.  it was beautiful.  The furniture in the  house is just for show.  However the TV, DVD and whiteware come with it.

Throughout the day we watched the builders constructed the 2nd playhouse.  One was auctioned off, while the other was raffled off.   We got to go up on the amphibious vehicle/vessel – just to have a look.  It costs $25 a person to actually have a ride.  Too expensive for us!!!

There was organised games for the kids.  One of which was hammering nails into wood and the kids including billy won a drink bottle.  He also shot some netball goals.  Hes quite good at that.  There were marching girls and Cocksy had a turn too, which was quite funny.  Hes a very good sport J

Finally auction time came around.  The mayors of the 2 main cities which make up the Hawkes Bay spoke.  Then Cocksy auctioned off a football signed shirt (BTW our team won on Saturday) and  a painting by a local artist and one of the playhouses.  We were surprised that Cocksy is good at auctioneering.  Then everyone made their way to the main house where it was blessed.  Then it was auctioned off too.  It raised $20,000 more the market value so that was good.  The other playhouse was drawn this morning on the radio.   A good day in the sun in the lovely Hawkes Bay.

A few more competitions

Posted On July 30, 2007

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Although my sons havent been on holiday recently it always helps to be prepared and lets face it we all need clothes all the year round and these clothes are so nice.


Go to this website and simply tell them why your daughter or son likes going back to school after a break

Couldnt be easily could it???


To celebrate Bridgets 300th post shes having a Giveaway–Disney Software Package

disney1.jpg click on the button to enter

A week ago I won a book it arrived!! :) :)

Last Monday I won this book

It arrived on Saturday in the mail.

51qec70jr9l_aa240_.jpg CANT WAIT TO READ IT!!! Thanks again MamaBright

I WON!!!! :) :) :)

On 10th of July I entered a competition never expecting to win. I dont usually win anything. This morning I went over to the competition site to see who the blessed person was. My eyes nearly popped out of head. I couldnt believe what I was seeing – it was my name.


Thanks so much MamaBright 🙂

Im going to add to my list of books to read when I take part in this challenge

Rain Rain Go Away

Posted On July 18, 2007

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Im not a winter person.  I prefer to be warm.  I love the sun.  I dont like having to rush out to the car, open it as quickly as I can and getting soaked wet no matter how fast I am.  Might be slightly better if we had a garage but even then Id have to open the door (of the garage).   I dont like not being able to get my washing dry either.  However, it could be worst.  If I lived in other parts of the Hawkes Bay I could be having to cope with this.  I could be stranded in my house as Muzz is.  Or even worse I could be facing my house or car being flooded.


Over the last couple of days  in particular but longer than that altogether the rain has poured and poured and poured some more.  I woke up yesterday morning and looked out my kitchen window there were HUGE puddles in my driveway I just knew there were floods somewhere close.  Then I turned on the internet and the TV and sure enough I was right.  I longed for the Bay I thought I had moved to the sunny Hawkes Bay.  May the sun shine again real soon and I am waiting eagerly for the summer to return to us.  I am not a winter person.

Read these articles

Army called in

Rain returns 

more rain look at the gallery here on this page too

Hawkes Bay


and pray for those effected.

Republishing my thoughts and feelings about punishing our children

Posted On July 17, 2007

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I first published my thoughts and feelings about this last week. However, as it was part of a much wider and bigger post I am uncertain how many people saw it and I would like your feedback.


One of my bloggie friends wrote “I can think of many times when I have withheld punishment on my own children in public because of what I thought others would think of me”


As I pointed out to her she is a good mum. I think we are forced to sometimes withhold punishment. I feel we are drawn to do this because of the way the government makes the laws. And how busy bodies feel it is their duty to interfere with a “normal” parent/child interaction. These busy bodies could even be our own children. Whom are resentful for the way they have been parented.


I don’t feel it is right that governments should dictate how we parent our children. Most parents love caring and sensitive to their children’s well being but we are put in a position of being scared about what we can and cannot do because of the law of the land.


I know only too well how our reputations can get tarnished in a blink of an eye. We can be accused of not parenting our children the way some people think we should far too easily and quickly. There has been some discussion over the fact that by correcting our children in public we may be drawing a spectacle of ourselves or them. I don’t think that correcting our children in public however is making a spectacle. If anything it would be our children that would be doing that. They would getting punished because of throwing a patty, or committing a misdemeanor. These activities can not usually be done in a quiet way by a toddler or child. While I do believe in correcting children when they misbehave I also firmly do not believe in shaming children in public. All that does is humiliate them and that teaches them nothing at all. I feel that what should be done is the child should be taken somewhere private and dealt with immediately.


I think with the government (talking about the New Zealand government as I don’t know much about other countries ones) and their laws regarding what a parent is allowed and not allowed to do with their children causes a lot of us to now raise our children in fear. We should be allowed to punish our own children (within reasonable limits) as we see fit. As an aside note it does grieve me to read and hear about some people (whom shouldn’t be parents) abuse their children. But the normal parent wouldn’t do that yet we can’t punish our children without being fearful of the consequences. If we are viewed to be over stepping the mark and may I add is there even a mark these days then we could face our children being taken away from us. In New Zealand even time out is viewed as kidnapping.


However, I fear this will all lead to a generation that have no respect for their elders. To a generation that are not well-behaved and have no self-control. Contrary to what some people believe (even ministers) I do believe that God expects us to punish and correct our children when they misbehave. God’s word says “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” the rod can be an actual smack or our rods of suitable punishment. But it comes back to the original statement can we actually do this because of the way we may be viewed by others???


I do not think that punishing our children in public is “airing ones laundry.” I think that if a child is misbehaving anywhere the parent should have the right to punish and correct that child right there and then. This does not mean I would smack my child in a shop but even taking it to a more private place in a public place may be seen as incorrect. However, for some children to “wait until you get home” lessens the impact of what they have done. And I for one will not stand aside while my child misbehaves. To do so only asks for more trouble. God corrects us because He loves us. I love my children therefore I punish and correct them when they do wrong. But deep within me is that fear of how it may be viewed. What the consequences may be (to my family and I) if I simply correct my child in a public place. Any place really if someone views how I am raising my children as not correct in their eyes.


What do you think and feel about this???

Today my prayers and thoughts are with the people from Taranaki

Over the last few days the Taranki Region of the North Island of New Zealand has been hit with at least 6 tornadoes. While we do get tornadoes here in New Zealand they dont usually strike populated areas and dont cause too much damage compared to USA ones do. New Zealand only typically gets about 20 moderate to strong twisters each year. So to get 6 in the last few days in the same area is alarming.

Here are the news stories about what has happened

The other area of concern particularly to Muzz and myself is that one of his sisters live there with her daughters. Thankfully she is away on holiday in Australia with her girls at the moment. It is a bit of a concern to me that she may have damage to her newish house. Her boyfriend (her hubby committed suicide a couple of years ago) texted to tell us that he had lost half of his hay shed. What impact this will have on his farm at the moment is uncertain.


taranaki.jpgThis is the area effected


This is the North Island of New Zealand showing the area effected and there is a dot where we live

Today I am praying for these poor people. That God may give them strength during this uncertain time and scary time. That if they have suffered damage to their houses, farms, jobs or places of work that they may pull together to overcome this. I pray for their safety and well being. I am praying for those who can help them that they may do so in a way were the people feel somewhat better real soon.


Just heard a news report it said that this is the worst set of twisters in New Zealand’s history. I felt very near to tears as I was watching the reporters talking to a family who have lost everything.


I continue to pray over the weekend for these people. My heart goes to them. I am on the verge of tears for them. Oh how I wish the tears would come. There was a comment left yesterday to do with my safety thanks for the concern bless you Diane. The bad weather is headed up north not across country so we should be ok.

Meanwhile as I awake on Saturday morning here are the latest reports

Praise God for looking after these people. It is a miracle that no one is badly hurt. Praise God for sending in people to help. Id want to be there if I could. Id want to be alongside children and their mums comforting them.

We got news last night that Muzzs sisters house is ok. Praise the Lord for that too. I pray that Bandy (name changed to protect identity) enjoys the rest of her holiday and is really fresh when she returns home so she can get alongside her neighbours and comfort them. I pray for her as she returns home to find her town n destruction.

Pray with me this weekend for all the people impacted by this.

Praying and Thinking

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May God wrap His loving arms around all who were impacted by this tragedy


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