My Weekend & Walking A Mile In My Shoes….

Posted On September 3, 2007

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In the morning I took the boys to the shops. We got a photo developed and framed for Fathers Day which was yesterday.

In the afternoon we had hair cuts even Daniel got a number 4

Saturday night Billy went to a youth group sleepover you can read about that more here


I went to the early church service so I could pick Billy up from the sleepover. Most of the mothers were picking their children up at that time so I thought it would be fairer to pick Billy up then than later in the morning as we did the option of doing.

In the afternoon we went over to our wonderful next door neighbors and helped them celebrate their daughters 5th birthday. And since it was Fathers Day the dads got a cake too ūüôā

One of my bloggie friends is interested in what shoes we wear. Apparently you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes.

These are my comfortable sandals


These are my walking shoes (which I wear most days as well – I walk most days)



these shoes use to belong to a nurse i brought these shoes because i know nurses spend a lot of time on thir feet so i knew theyd be comfy for walking in.  Guess you could draw conclusions about me from this tidbit of info???

So what do your shoes look like?


Posted On September 2, 2007

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Bless Muzz for babysitting Daniel last night

while I went down to help at youth group

they had a sleep over and I helped supervise the children while we watched videos and ate popcorn

It was a good evening

wonder how much sleep they all got???

Works of God Weekend

Posted On August 26, 2007

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Yesterday was such a good but BUSY day

I want to thank God today for blessing me with a GREAT friend

Last night we went over to my friends house for dinner and Billy stayed the night.

This friend is from church she use to be the youth group leader, she is a GREAT solomum of one of Billys best friends

Although shes been through some hard times in the last year shes always been an inspiration and a support to me

I LOVE having her as a sister in the Lord

Thank you Jesus for blessing me with my special friend

Thanks for having Billy and a great dinner and company last night LUV YA my special friend


Id been thinking of doing this . . .

Posted On August 25, 2007

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Then I got inspired by Kate

Today we went out here again to see if the seals were still there and have a play a walk and a picnic lunch

Today’s Walk

Posted On August 24, 2007

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I try to walk daily for 30 minutes at least. I love to walk along country roads. I love the Hawkes Bay as there are lots of nice places to walk. On a few blogs I have noticed people taking photos of their walks I have wanted to do this for a while. Finally I did today. Today I walked for 45 minutes and this is what I saw along the way.

About the bus – My father always talked about wanting to have one or a campervan and do what my uncle and aunt have done and tour the country. I doubt he will now. I would love to one day. I hope my sons dont reflect in years to come and say the same thing about me. I hope I get the chance to actually do it one day.

I also welcome encouragement over here

Billy was on the radio today

Posted On August 22, 2007

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A local area radio station are making 60-minute programmes that involved primary school groups. This morning Billys school were involved. Billy is part of the media team at school and the group have been working hard and today had their chance to hit the airwaves. I helped with transport and then watched some of it. However, I took Daniel with us (next time I would leave him with his daddy) he was a bit noisy and we ended up having to leave the room.

I took him into another room which happened to have a radio I was able to listen still. I darted in when the music was going which the school provided for the hour (parents cds) and took photos.

It was really good and as the principal said its neat having a small school as a lot more of the children get to have a turn at things.

Imagine if you will

Posted On July 10, 2007

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Yesterday we went out to the seals again

I didnt take my camera I figured very wrongly that Id taken photos there would be no need to take anymore how very wrong I was

One of the seals (the one I took most photos of last time) ventured up on to the land off the rocks where it had spent all the rest of its time up until now.  This land was where most people stood and watched the seals it is a flattish dry dirt covered grounding.  Behind this there stands a lighthouse.

Now close your eyes and imagine if you will LOL you cant do that can you you wont be able to read

Ok imagine if you will Daniel in his stroller with an ice-cream container in one hand and a jam sandwich in the other with this incredible beautiful wild animal  right in front of the stroller sniffing Daniel wanting to share his lunch

See I told you I mucked up severely when I decided not to bring my camera

The seal was right and I mean right in front of Daniel in his stroller.  I took the container away and the seal moved sightly forward sniffing Daniel.  What a photo that would have been.  What a prize treasure to show Daniel later when hes older.  I tell you this seal practically had its head in Daniels lap.

Daniel was interested in it.  It didnt stay there long.  It wandered around interested in its surroundings.  Interested in a dog the owner wisely moved away.  After about 5 minutes it used its incredibly strong body to move back to the safety of the rocks.  It was amazing to watch it haul itself up and over the rocks back to its sister or brother.  As one spectator said for a sea animal it moves so well on land.  Its like a 4 wheel vehiclehe said.  I reflect on the fact that it had very strong shoulders and flippers.  At one stage it propped itself up (as though it were standing up) on a large rock and hauled itself up on to it using its flippers like hands and its shoulders to get up there.  I was relived it had decided to go back to where it has decided to live on the rocks.  I was afraid it might venture further on to dry land and possibly get on to the road.  Not a very busy road mind more a large car-parking area but nevertheless.

I havent told Billy as he pestered me the whole weekend to go back but go back we will before the end of the week.  Before Billy goes back to school next week.  And you can be very sure I will take my camera this time.  Most probably the seal wont come close to Daniel again but you never know . . .


A Wild Life Close Encounter

Posted On July 5, 2007

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I read this story online this morning and this afternoon we went and had a look. We (Billy and I) have never seen seals in the wild before.  Billy found a fish and gave it to one of the seals Рit woofed it down and followed Billy around wanting more.

Orphan sea pups taken to heart

The Dominion Post | Thursday, 5 July 2007


People have named the seal pups who took up residence [in a Hawkes Bay coastal area] last week

Local fisherman Owen Tapine said it was unusual to see seals in the city’s harbour. He thought the pair were about five months old and said they appeared to have been abandoned by their mother.

“The mothers normally go out to feed and come back with food for their pups. She has just left them behind … she’s not coming back,” he said.

Mr Tapine said the seals were very friendly and were being well looked after by people.

“People come down and feed them. We give them left-over bait from off the boat.”

The pups’ long-term future will depend on how they develop in the coming months.

“Hopefully we can build them up so they can survive in the wild but if not, I’m not really sure … maybe Marineland will take them,” Mr Tapine said.

Billy got to see what my busy busy Thursdays are like

Posted On July 5, 2007

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Billy knows Thursdays are the busiest day of my week.  Today he got to experience what my Thursdays are like.  I follow the same routine on Thursdays.

On Thursdays I load up the car and usually drop Billy off at school.  Then I go and buy my power for the week.  We have a prepaid system I like it.  You dont get hit with a big bill at the end of the month.  Today Daniel got a stamp on the hand from the nice post office lady where we go to pay for the power.  He proudly showed Billy.


Then we go to the laundromat and unload the weeks washing from the car and set it washing.  My washing machine broken down ages ago but I like using the laundromat I can wash our weeks washing in 1/2 an hour using 4 machines try to beat that if you can using a normal washing machine at home.  Today the lady whom owns the laundromat asked me to move my car.  As a regular customer whom owes a van and brings washing from some place maybe like a hospital wanted to pull into the area where we are able to temporarily park our vehicles .  I wasnt actually so much in the way as was the car behind me.  They didnt seem to be moving.  I moved my car forward a bit the lady (whom owns the shop)  came out of the laundromat and told me I couldnt park there.  That it would put customers off.  What the heck am I???? A customer or what?  Grant it was right in front of the shop door.  But as I told her where else could I park and I was only going to be there a minute while I put the coins into the washing machines.  She agreed.  I was angry inside.


After the washing is set doing its thing I go over to the supermarket and do my weeks grocery shopping.


Then I go back pick up the washed clothes.  Boy those baskets of washing are HEAVY now!! I must point out that the shop owner did redeem herself in eyes a little.  One of my loads hadnt rinsed properly and she did allow me to rinse it again for free.

Once home I give Daniel his lunch, put the groceries away and hang the washing on the line.


After all this completed I collapse sit onto the  couch and have my lunch.

The week so far

Posted On July 4, 2007

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Billy is on school holidays for the next 2 weeks.¬† Monday was a quiet lazy day.¬† It ended with us rushing to the doctors.¬† At 4.30pm Daniel banged his mouth on one of his toy chairs.¬† He bled.¬† I tended to him and thought nothing more of it.¬† I know that kids always seem to bleed lots from mouth wounds.¬† At 5.30 pm Daniel was playing Billy and started bleeding again.¬† He hadnt actually stopped completely as it turns out.¬† We took him to the doctors.¬† I rushed as the doctor was on night call and I thought he was going to have to meet me there as it turns out he was¬† already there.¬† The doctor said that what Daniel had done was what had happened to his own son when he was little.¬† He told what it was called but I cant remember however if you place your finger on your two front teeth and run it up your teeth you will come to a little piece of skin that holds your lip to your gum.¬† This was cut.¬† When this gets cut usually from “face plants” (doctors words)¬† it does tend to bleed and bleed and keep bleeding off and on.¬† We were instructed to feed Daniel soft foods only.¬† LOL last night I served up mashed veges to Daniel for dinner like he had when he was starting solids – he wasnt interested nor impressed.¬† When Billy told Daniel that what was for dinner so hed better eat it.¬† Daniel raised his eye brows and pulled a face that made us laugh.¬† He looked like he was saying “really??? this isnt much of a dinner” LOL Funny how their tastes change over time isnt it?:)


Yesterday I cleaned up the house and enlisted Billys help.  Then we went to Billys private tutor for a lesson.  After this we went for a walk followed by a play at one of best playgrounds in the Bay.


Today Billy is going to a planetarium  with the Sunday School leaders and children.  They have been studying creation and are going to finish their study with this trip.  Billy loves space so this should be an enjoyable trip for him.

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